As we all know, our world of events has changed significantly this year. We’ve been thrown into the abyss of virtual events and Zoom Happy Hours to interact with our friends and community members. This year in particular the Cohesity Technical Advocacy Group (TAG) was planning some pretty unique collectible giveaways. In fact, we were going to have people play an actual game of TAG with the team members. Now that things have changed we needed to come up with another way of thinking. Enter The Cohesity Track Walk.

For much of 2020 the team has been doing race-themed events such as the Cohesity Circuit Qualifying Laps. We decided to stick with this theme and provide a way for folks to do a little to get a little. The process is pretty simple, and of course quantities are limited so get going as fast as you can. Head over to our new engagement page and register for The Track Walk course. From there you will have a few short chapters and lessons to complete before you get your collectable. Trust me, these are not super hard and if you watch the intro video, you can decide for yourself if the collectible is worth the effort. No, I am not going to let that cat out of the bag here, but you’ll find out soon enough once you register.

Once you complete your course enter some basic shipping information and boom….you’re done. Pretty simple, but we also hope to be pretty creative. Good luck and as always hit me up on Twitter @CColotti if you have any questions or feedback. 

If this process works well be on the lookout for something similar around our vExpert item giveaway in July (hint, hint).

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