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Efficiently store your cold and frozen Splunk buckets

Easy: Indexing massive amounts of data with Splunk. Hard: Storing it efficiently, and making it simple to retrieve. That's where Cohesity's web-scale, software-defined platform excels.

Simplified data retention

An easy and efficient way to manage and retain massive amounts of data.

Consolidated data

Simplify cold and frozen data management with globally distributed NFS, SMB, and S3 object storage.

Locate data, anywhere

Take advantage of powerful indexing of all files and object metadata to enable global Google-like search

Reduce data footprint

Maximize capacity with global variable-length sliding-window deduplication and compression.

Easy data mobility

Cohesity delivers elasticity and cost advantages with native support for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Easily move data to the cloud for short term or long term archival.

Secure first

Protect your data against potential cyber and other threats with a unified approach.

Built-in protection

Use software-based encryption with the AES-256 standard, including FIPS certification for encryption in-flight and at rest.

Multifactor authentication

A strong additional layer of security with multi-factor authentication to stop unauthorized access to the data.

ML-based anomaly detection

Discover potential cyberattack before it is too late with machine-learning based anomaly detection.

Looking to archive your Splunk buckets?

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