Microsoft Exchange backup made easier

Get enterprise-class backup and recovery for Microsoft Exchange and Exchange Online. Your choice of backup as a service (BaaS) or self-managed software.

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Simplified Exchange protection

Automatically protect new mailboxes and perform granular search and restoration of individual objects, messages, attachments, and more with policy-based automation.

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Rapid and reliable mailbox recovery at scale

Easily find and accelerate recovery of individual mailbox objects without having to perform full restores.

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Unified data security and management

Secure and manage your entire data estate with a single platform. Reduce your attack surface, lower costs, and minimize risk with a modern hybrid cloud data protection solution for Microsoft Exchange.

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Comprehensive Exchange protection wherever you need it

Whether running Microsoft Exchange on-prem, or Exchange Online in M365, Cohesity has you covered with robust protection, cost-effective long-term retention, and rapid recovery of mailbox objects.

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Lower costs and optimize capacity

Gain up to 96x or greater space efficiency and dramatically lower costs with industry-leading global deduplication and compression.

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Strengthen data resilience at scale

Get multilayered security architecture and instant recovery capabilities. Bounce back from disasters and cyber threats fast with the highest durability, availability, and integrity for your enterprise data.

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Scale without worries

Whether on-prem, at the edge, or in the cloud, seamlessly scale capacity on-demand to stay ahead of future business needs, with a hyperscale architecture and the cost efficiency of the cloud.

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Ransomware Recovery

Defend against ransomware attacks with comprehensive data security and management capabilities, including immutable backup snapshots, AI-based early detection, threat detection, user behavior logging, and rapid recovery at scale.

DataProtect Delivered as a Service

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Ransomware resiliency with highly secure, SaaS-based cyber vaulting.

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Only Cohesity lets us back up and manage M365 data and our on premises Exchange data from a single pane of glass. And because Cohesity’s backup as a service runs on AWS, we can comply with regulations to store data in the user’s own country.”

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Dave Suomela

Lead Systems Administrator, Nasdaq

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Shumaker will be able to migrate data to the cloud, save expense by looking to Cohesity for scale-out NAS, and set data management policies for Exchange and other applications. Cohesity makes everything about data management easier.”

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Carl Holzhauer

Infrastructure Supervisor, Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick

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We use Microsoft 365 with its built-in retention policies, but that isn’t robust backup. We count on Cohesity for robust, reliable backup of our Exchange Online user mailboxes onsite as an additional fail safe so if something happens—like ransomware—we have a way to quickly recover mailboxes, files, and sites. The added benefit is we can perform searches within a user’s mailbox and do recoveries directly from Cohesity."

Ken Watt, Ridgeback Resources

Ken Watt

Senior Infrastructure Specialist, Ridgeback Resources

Commonly asked Exchange backup and recovery questions

Microsoft Exchange is a messaging and collaboration platform that includes email, calendars, task management, and address book functionality. It’s widely used by enterprises for secure and efficient communication. It can be hosted on-prem or on the cloud (as Exchange Online as a part of Microsoft 365).

Backing up Microsoft Exchange is crucial as it helps safeguard your organization’s email communications, calendar data, and contacts from data loss due to accidental deletions, system failures, or cyberattacks. Regular backups ensure business continuity and swift recovery in case of disruptions, protecting valuable information and maintaining organizational productivity.

Using a reliable backup and recovery solution like Cohesity DataProtect helps ensure secure and efficient backups of your Exchange data on-prem or Exchange Online data in the cloud, with easy and fast restoration of individual mailbox objects.

It’s important that you oversee and protect all your enterprise data everywhere it goes—whether your industry is regulated or not.

There are different products in the Office 365 suite. Exchange Online is the hosted version of Microsoft Exchange and one of Office 365’s most popular offerings.

Here are four key reasons your company needs to back up Exchange Online:

  • Cloud data is your responsibility: Exchange Online hosts your data in the cloud, but backing up your data is your enterprise’s responsibility.
  • Limited flexibility for data retention and recovery: Exchange Online comes with some data retention options, yet its flexibility is limited and some of its advanced options can be hard to use. For example, by default, deleted mailboxes aren’t saved beyond 30 days, and the minimum default retention for deleted items is just 14 days. A modern backup solution will couple policy flexibility with simple processes for storing and retrieving data to meet your evolving compliance and business needs.
  • Workforce expects instant recovery: Microsoft’s built-in data protection doesn’t guarantee data is retained because it requires employees to change their behaviors, and we all know how hard that is. What’s needed is an Office 365 compatible backup and recovery solution that ensures your IT team can get user mailbox data back quickly to meet and even exceed Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs), while also providing an exceptional user experience that gets employees back to work fast.
  • Email Is a Ransomware Target: Exchange Online‘s rising popularity makes it an attractive target for ransomware. While the architecture of Office 365 addresses data redundancy and some resiliency, there’s little protection against data loss, accidental or malicious deletion, deletion beyond retention timeframes, corruption, ransomware, and more.

That makes choosing a modern platform capable of fighting back against ransomware—especially attacks against email— extremely important.

For the best level of protection and flexibility for your mission-critical email data, Cohesity DataProtect offers an end-to-end, web-scale backup and recovery solution that gives you easy, granular, instant recovery for your Exchange data on-prem and in the cloud, whenever your business needs it.

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