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Fast and comprehensive

Simple and automated protection for a wide range of Hadoop and NoSQL application data sources to help you gain speed, efficiency, and a greater ROI.

One solution

Consolidate and manage all your distributed databases on a single software-defined solution that runs anywhere.

Fast operations

Eliminate error-prone operations with scripting. Run 10x faster operations with a scale-out, API-driven architecture.

Complete automation

Automate and simplify even the most complex backup, recovery, dev/test, masking, and sampling workflows.

Streamlined and flexible

Meet all your SLA, RPO, and RTO requirements while saving time and money.

Accelerated backup and recovery

Incremental forever backups stored logically for a dramatically rapid recovery.

Search and recover

Granular Google-like search using FastFind with a powerful metadata catalog for point-in-time recovery.

Support agile development

Support your CICD initiatives, while meeting compliance requirements with PII data masking.

Enterprise-class protection

Achieve the performance, simplicity, and security that your business demands.

Agentless architecture

Easily adapt to challenges of distributed data changing configuration with an agentless architecture.

Enterprise-class security

Multi-layer protection with Kerberos and LDAP authentication, RBAC, file encryption, and SSL.

Automated ransomware defense

ThreatSense™ provides automated, real-time anomaly detection to investigate and drive corrective action.

Seamless cloud migration

Cloud-native design allows you to seamlessly move massive amounts of data from on-premises to the public cloud or between clouds for multiple use cases, including dev/test and disaster recovery — without compromising security or efficiency.

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We have very specific performance and management requirements that our previous backup software was unable to support. With Cohesity Imanis Data we were up and running in a few hours, we achieved 26x faster restore performance, and we reduced the number of backup policies from 40 to 2, all while achieving 10x backup storage efficiency.

Eric Gutmann, Manager of Infrastructure

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