Oracle Database Backup & Recovery

Simplify traditional backup and recovery for Oracle databases.

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Protecting Mission-Critical Oracle Databases Made Easier

Meet business, long-term data sovereignty, and compliance requirements with Cohesity's fast, web-scale solution, certified by Oracle.

Integration with RMAN

Take advantage of Cohesity's native integration with Oracle Recovery Manager with application-consistent backup and recovery for both Oracle single instance or Real Application Clusters.

Single solution

Replace multiple data protection silos with one solution for backup, recovery, replication, cloud tiering, archiving, and target storage.

Easier backup

Simplify backup environments by eliminating the need for media servers and master servers. Use supported arrays instead.

Physical or virtual images

Use supported registered sources, including virtual machines, physical servers, databases, storage arrays, and NAS appliances.

Flexible Backup Options

Enjoy multiple ways to back up your Oracle databases while maintaining data availability. Assess and validate your data protection strategy and requirements from both physical and logical perspectives.

Fast restores

Instantly restore your Oracle database from images backup or copies residing on the Cohesity DataPlatform.

Optimum storage efficiency

Present backup files to Oracle database servers using Cohesity as a NFS target and leverage global deduplication to reduce TCO.

Cloud Integration and Reliable Compliance

Get all of the advantages of cloud cost and scalability while maintaining control of data to meet retention and compliance requirements.

Automated backup

Continue to backup databases using existing scripts, resulting in minimal changes to your environment.

Source side deduplication

Allow more frequent backups in less time with Cohesity source side deduplication, certified by Oracle.

Protection policies

Define policies based around data protection requirements that can be shared across protection jobs.

Always Available

Scale performance and capacity linearly by simply adding nodes, eliminating the need for major upgrades.

Leading-cloud integration

Integrate with major cloud providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud for archival and tiering.

Lower TCO

Scale-out infinitely, yet pay-as-you grow, simply adding nodes to a cluster with no downtime.

Cohesity’s native Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) integration allowed the Credit Acceptance IT team to have a single backup and recovery solution throughout its environment.

Credit Acceptance

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