Mitigate Risk When Disaster Strikes

When natural disasters, human errors, or other data loss events occur, enterprises need a Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy to reduce downtime and ensure business continuity. Cohesity enables streamlined and granular level multi-cloud DR through replication across your IT environment.

Site Failure

Replicate from one site to another (on-premises or in the cloud) to guard against complete failures.

Automatic Replication

Use policy-based automation for backups and replication in a hybrid cloud environment.

Data Reuse

Easily replicate data to an alternate location for other purposes, such as dev/test or analytics.


Reduction in data recovery time

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Faster file restore time

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Decrease in RTO

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Why Cohesity

Cohesity supports the ability to register multiple DR clusters to the primary cluster.
Choose from many replication topologies, including one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-one scenarios.

Lower TCO
Reduce TCO

Global variable length dedupe and compression greatly reduces network bandwidth, and optimizes data replication.

Meet SLAs

Automate workflows with policy-based automation and API integrations to meet retention objectives.

Simplify Management

One UI to manage and provision all your data protection services, spanning from the core, to the cloud, and the edge.

Disaster Recovery and Orchestration for VMware

So, a disaster hits, what’s next? Let’s hope you have a backup to recover from. Download the ebook to learn about:

  • VMware disaster recovery approaches and options
  • Data availability solution considerations
  • Data recovery walk-through
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Beyond backup and recovery, we are extending the Cohesity solution for disaster recovery and long-term retention in AWS.

Adam Rasner, Vice President Technology Operations, AutoNation

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We used to have to go to our COLO provider to submit a ticket, retrieve tapes, and this process could take several hours. Now with Cohesity, I can search for a file and recover data within a few seconds.

Chris Roye, Infrastructure Engineer

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Cohesity delivered lower TCO, the ability to archive data natively to the cloud, and fast and simplified data restores to ensure disaster recovery and business continuity.

Aaron Venson, Senior Network Architect, SEVTECH

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We have approximately 40 servers in production, so in the event of a disaster, if each server takes us two hours to recover, it will take us 80 hours to restore the whole data center. What we love about Cohesity is that bare-metal restores run on-the-fly, so we can restore a server in five-to-ten minutes instead of two hours.

Ban Ch’ng, Senior IT Manager, William Buck

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