Disaster Recovery & Data Replication Across Cloud Environments

Policy-based approach to disaster recovery

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Minimizing Risk and Ensuring Recovery

Replication is the primary building block of any organization’s disaster recovery (DR) solution. Not every piece of data that the business owns is treated equally. As a result, having the flexibility to apply the right DR strategy for your business at a granular level is critical, all while operating in a hybrid cloud environment.

Enable Recovery in any Environment

Cohesity enables enterprise-grade disaster recovery and replication across the datacenter, public cloud and edge. With Cohesity you can have near instant recovery of data from any environment.

With Cohesity you can use the same software and platform not just for backup, but also for disaster recovery and make that data productive.

Protect from site failures

Replicate data from a Cohesity cluster on-premises to another on-premises cluster or the public cloud and mitigate against complete failures.

Data Mobility for Hybrid Cloud

Enable mobility with DR from anywhere to anywhere. Leverage policy-based automation for both backups and replication for hybrid cloud environments

Enable data reuse

Easily use data replicated to an alternate location for other use cases such as test/dev or analytics.

Recover Anywhere

Public cloud can offer significant economic benefits and is increasingly looked at as an alternate site for disaster recovery. Easily replicate your on-premises applications and data to the cloud. Avail of bi-directional replication from the public cloud to an on-premises Cohesity cluster should you need it.

Replicate to the public cloud

Cohesity’s built in Use CloudReplicate capability allows you to easily replicate data from your an on-premises data center appliance to the public cloud. Choose AWS, Azure or Google Cloud with Cohesity Cloud Edition.

Failback easily from the cloud

When you need it, gain instant recovery of archived data from the cloud to a Cohesity cluster on-premises. Built in CloudRetrieve capability makes this simple.

Keep business running

When disaster strikes, you need to remain operational. CloudSpin capability makes it easy to convert on-premises VMs to the cloud for DR. When not operating, you can spin down Cohesity Cloud Edition to keep costs low.

Flexible Replication Topologies

Leverage flexible replication topologies including one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-one scenarios. Cohesity supports the ability to register multiple DR clusters to the primary cluster.

Periodic snapshots with view-level replication

View-based replication enables periodic snapshots from a source cluster to a destination cluster. Replication will always transfer the deltas between the snapshots to the destination cluster.

Lower TCO

Global dedupe, compression and transfer of change blocks greatly reduce network bandwidth required, which optimizes use of replication.

“When we chose to replace our traditional backup solution with Cohesity’s data protection solution more than two years ago, it was one of the best IT decisions we ever made. Cohesity’s multi-cloud platform is much more than an improved backup solution – it’s a totally new way to manage our data and applications. We recently had to shut down our data center for three days due to power issues, but Cohesity CloudSpin made it easy for us to get 20 of our sites up and running using Microsoft Azure public cloud. In less than 10 minutes, with just a few clicks in the Cohesity UI, we had spun up copies of our VMs in Azure and were live handling failover web traffic for our center and faculty sites.”

Marlon Wenceslao, Senior Systems Manager

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