Minimize data loss with near-zero RPO

Recover all your mission-critical data with continuous data protection (CDP) for your VMware environment. With the flexibility to choose a recovery point just seconds before a data loss event, CDP minimizes both your data loss and downtime.

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Data protection

Protect data from loss due to human error, data and application corruption, software bugs, and cyberattacks.

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Near-zero RPO

Gain peace of mind with near-instant recovery of your VMware environment. Recover data to any point in time.


Higher fault tolerance

Safeguard against loss from hardware failure with a distributed architecture that can be configured to support against two-node, three-disk chassis or rack failure.

Continuous Overview

Journal-based flexible recovery

Recover your mission-critical VM data and applications to any point in time near instantly, without performance impact. Meet your business SLAs by protecting every event with continuous replication, enabling high levels of data resiliency.

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Enterprise-class protection

Effortlessly achieve high levels of data resiliency with the flexibility to choose your recovery strategy: crash-consistent, application-consistent, or snapshot-based restores to facilitate a return to operations.

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...Cohesity stood apart because of its ease of use, rapid recovery at large scale, and strong cyber protections.”

Guru Vasudeva, Nationwide

Guru Vasudeva

SVP and CTO, Infrastructure and Operations, Nationwide

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Our healthcare partners want to know that their data is recoverable quickly during their worst moments. Cohesity gives us the confidence that all data will be recoverable fast and at scale—and provides the reporting and dev/test tools to validate that every day.”

Adam Brock

Senior Director for Data Protection, Path Forward IT

2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™

2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions

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Continuous data protection (CDP), commonly known as continuous backup, is a technique used to back up application data near real-time. This backup strategy works by saving a copy of the change that is observed in the primary environment.

The primary benefits of robust continuous data protection are near-zero RPO and near-zero data loss. These benefits empower organizations to recover mission-critical VMs from any point in time, seconds before a disaster strikes, and helps them achieve their business SLAs predictably.

Continuous data protection (CDP) and snapshots are both backup strategies used to protect data. The difference is CDP provides a continuum of recovery points capturing and tracking every change to the primary business data whereas snapshots only capture periodic images of the data at a specific and scheduled point in time.

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Zero-RPO: Continuous data protection with Cohesity
Cohesity Continuous Dataprotection
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Solution Brief
Continuous data protection solution brief
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Solution Brief
Modern Backup and Recovery
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