Enterprise Object Services

Object storage that seamlessly interoperates with Windows and Linux/Unix clients. Native S3 for the cloud and object pools.

Read anything as S3

Data is always readable as S3 whether written as NFS, SMB, or S3.

Pay as you grow

Start small, then grow big.

Limitless scale

Boundless capacity with linear performance scaling.

Integrated cybersecurity

Production environments are protected against all manner of cyber threats.

Get more for less

Squeeze more data into the same disk capacity for lower cost.

Consolidation and tiering

Scale to consolidate. Tier to any S3 repository or to the cloud. No gateways.

SmartFiles and the Cohesity DataPlatform

Belonging to the Cohesity DataPlatform, SmartFiles benefits from its rich enterprise functionality. This includes multiprotocol support for NFS, SMB, S3 with unified permissions, writable snapshots, API-first design, failover/failback, DR automation, and WORM.

Cohesity MarketPlace

Your choice of apps to run on DataPlatform—without external infrastructure.

Distributed architecture

A strictly consistent and fully distributed shared-nothing architecture.

Enterprise search

Search for any data, anywhere, across multiple workloads, clouds, and sites.

Security, Efficiency, and Cost


Encryption, multi-factor authentication, identify and act on high-risk information, FIPS 140-1 and 140-2.

Storage efficiency

Features sliding window variable dedupe, cross-silo dedupe, and advanced compression.

Policy-based tiering

Tiering of cold data to any S3 archive or to the cloud.

Enterprise richness

With unlimited writable snapshots, you can create no-cost clones as needed for dev/test or production purposes. Features include:

  • API-driven customizable and automated object services.
  • Disaster recovery (DR) automation
  • WORM: Make objects immutable.


Integrates natively with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Archives into public cloud services for long-term retention (LTR) with Cohesity. Utilize cloud tiering for transparent capacity expansion into the cloud. Replace into the cloud for disaster recovery with geo redundancy.

We’ve executed a validation test of Cohesity under massive scaling – pushing their storage cluster to sizes far past what they’ve previously publicly tested. The result is striking... We documented linearly accumulating performance across several types of IO, all the way up to our cluster test target of 256 Cohesity storage nodes.

Taneja Group, July 2017

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Need unlimited scalability with global storage efficiency for your objects?

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