Efficient, S3-Compatible Object Storage for Unstructured Data Sets

Unlimited scalability with global deduplication efficiency

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Harness Unstructured Data

Traditional file storage hits limits on the types and amount of unstructured data your enterprise can protect and manage. That doesn’t work for digital businesses seeing exponential data growth, particularly in large documents and media files. Take advantage of S3-compatible object storage that eliminates the limitations of traditional file storage by scaling limitlessly and holding massive amounts of unstructured data.

Web-Scale Object Storage for Secondary Data

Cohesity delivers enterprise-ready, scale-out S3-compatible, hyperconverged secondary storage solution. Enjoy the economic and efficiency benefits of the web-scale platform. Address growing data volumes by starting small (with as few as three nodes) and expanding your cluster with our pay-as-you-grow model.

Simple, Efficient, and Cloud-Ready. That’s Cohesity.

Break through traditional secondary storage scaling limitations with Cohesity. Embrace S3 compatible storage. Use REST APIs to easily integrate with apps and services. Consolidate objects, files, data protection, and test/dev copies on Cohesity’s hyperconverged platform to reduce inefficient systems and maintenance.

Simplified Data Management

Cohesity eliminates unnecessary data copies by accessing the same data set using S3, NFS, and SMB protocols.

Global Storage Efficiency

Cohesity offers the only S3-compatible object storage with global variable-length deduplication to maximize storage efficiency.

Native Cloud Integration

Cohesity is cloud-ready, integrating natively with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud so you can take advantage of public cloud’s elasticity and economies of scale.

Unlimited Scale and Flexibility

Software-defined Cohesity scales without limits and at your control, so your business can better manage unpredictable growth. See performance scale linearly as it did in Taneja Group’s massive 256 node test.

Multiprotocol Access

Get to the same data the way you want with support for applications across all major enterprise operating systems, including Microsoft Windows (SMB) and Linux (NFS). Cohesity compatibility extends to a wide range of object storage standards.


Simplify user and group access to data using credentials and permissions through Windows Active Directory and Kerberos integration with role-based access control (RBAC). Create and manage custom Cohesity cluster administration roles for domain users and groups.

More Productive Data

Eliminate the effort and cost of creating data copies across silos. Give developers fast access to copies of production data throughout the test/dev process. Provide developers with instantaneous access to zero-cost copies of virtual machine and database backups.

Mix-Mode Permission Mapping

Directly access the ID mapping information stored in Centrify’s AD through native integration with Centrify, eliminating the need for an LDAP proxy and simplifying the user experience.

External KMS Integration

Cohesity includes a snap-in for the Microsoft management console, allowing Cohesity file shares to be managed by MMC.


Consolidate file shares, backup and archive workloads, logs, media, test/dev and analytics on the Cohesity DataPlatform. Rely on a proven simple, yet powerful web-scale platform for more reliable and available storage.

Quality of Service

Policies are provided in Cohesity that optimize performance for different types of workloads.

Erasure Coding

Cohesity DataPlatform supports erasure coding (2:1, 4:2, 5:2) to reduce your data center footprint and ensure data is protected against any individual node failure.

Global Indexing and Search with Granular Views

Object metadata is indexed upon ingest, providing granular views into your object storage with Google-like search capabilities.

Object Metadata

With Cohesity, rich object metadata captures common object characteristics such as ACLs and versioning.

Data Protection

Based on a core parallel file system, Cohesity’s software-defined solution provides data protection for your object data. Significantly simplify data protection and object store onto a single platform, while easily adding archive to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Policy-Based Backup Protection

Cohesity’s SnapTree technology simplifies object data protection with fully-hydrated snapshots.


Leverage data-at-rest, as well as data-in-flight encryption using the industry-standard 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm. Cohesity is also FIPS 140-2 compliant.

strict consistency
Strict Consistency

Cohesity provides strict consistency at scale, guaranteeing users always see the most current data, and data is protected as soon as it’s written.

Write Once, Read Many

Long-term data retention with compliance controls, mandating a policy that objects cannot be modified during the lock time is only possible with Cohesity.


Take advantage of public clouds elasticity and economics with Cohesity’s native cloud integration. Archive into public cloud services for long-term retention with Cohesity. Utilize cloud tiering for transparent capacity expansion into the cloud. Replicate into the cloud for disaster recovery with geo redundancy.

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We’ve executed a validation test of Cohesity under massive scaling – pushing their storage cluster to sizes far past what they’ve previously publicly tested. The result is striking... We documented linearly accumulating performance across several types of IO, all the way up to our cluster test target of 256 Cohesity storage nodes.

Taneja Group, July 2017

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Need Unlimited Scalability with Global Storage Efficiency for Your Objects?

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