Ransomware Prevention, Detection, and Recovery

Counter ransomware attacks with Cohesity.

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Not if, but when

Ransomware attacks targeting enterprise data are increasing. Attackers are becoming more sophisticated, zeroing in on your backup infrastructure.

Respond to ransomware

Cohesity’s end-to-end solutions prevent your backup from becoming a target. When the worst happens, Cohesity helps take corrective action.

A Complete Solution

Trust Cohesity’s comprehensive solution to defend your data against ransomware attacks.

Prevent, Detect, and Respond

Cohesity is the only modern backup solution to offer a comprehensive solution against ransomware attacks. It uniquely offers a multi-layer approach to make sure you bounce back rapidly.

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Defend your data

Is your existing backup immune to a ransomware attack? Download this eBook for best practices on preventing ransomware targeting your backups, detecting, and responding.

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Preventative layers

Gain unique, multi-layered protection against a ransomware attack.

Immutable file system

Provides unlimited read-only state snapshots that are stored with extremely low overhead. Snapshots are inaccessible to processes and software.

DataLock policies

Create a time-bound protection to the snapshot that even your administrator or security officer role can’t overrule.

Multi-factor authentication

Bad actors that manage to access your system password can’t access backup without passing an additional multi-factor authentication.

Simplified detection

Simplify intruder detection with a global enterprise SaaS-based management solution. Cohesity Helios empowers your IT staff with a machine-learning based intelligence to detect and report any anomalies.

ML algorithms

Take advantage of Helios’ cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to proactively assess IT needs to ensure business continuity.

Anomaly detection

Know when your data change rate is out of the normal range—based on daily change rates on logical, stored, or historical data ingest.

Instant notification

Helios keeps you informed of any suspicious behaviors with automated notifications.

Fast response

Search and recover your ransomed enterprise data and applications back—at scale.

Scalable, rapid recovery

Use our scalable file system, SpanFS, to store backup data at the retention rates you set—close to production for fast recovery.

Global search

Search globally and locate infected files and data. Take corrective action fast, right there.

Instant mass restore

Instantly restore hundreds of objects/VMs to any point in time with Cohesity’s patented SnapTree® and fully hydrated snaps.

Despite increasing frequency, intensity, and reporting of cyberattacks, only 63% of respondents said that their firm’s business continuity plans include contingencies for recovering from ransomware attack scenarios.”

"Ransomware Is A Business Continuity Issue.” -Forrester, May 22, 2018

Ransomware is one of the greatest enterprise threats right now and as it becomes more targeted and sophisticated, organizations have realized that a reactive approach is insufficient. Instead, they need a mitigation strategy that focuses on holistic prevention with rapid detection and response. Cohesity is not just the only solution that provides the necessary tools for this, they also provide mass restoration from immutable backups that gives me confidence that if/when we face a ransomware attack, we will be able to avoid any downtime or disruption to our business.

Jon McFarland, Security Analyst, 1st Security Bank

Ransomware remains one of the most insidious threats to business information today, and the results can be devastating” said Steven Hill, Senior Analyst of Applied Infrastructure and Storage Technologies at 451 Research. “Even if the financial demands are met, there’s no reason to trust that the criminals behind a ransomware attack will actually restore your data. The best approach to managing ransomware protection lies in a strategy that combines early detection with rapid response capabilities, backups that occur often enough to minimize impact, and the ability to insure that malicious payloads aren’t restored along with good data.

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