Ensure business continuity

Protect your mission-critical applications and data across multiclouds, edge, or on-premises environments.

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Radically simple operations

Get unified snapshot-based backup, continuous data protection (CDP), and DR orchestration management.

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Near-zero downtime and no data loss

Rapidly recover from outages or sophisticated ransomware attacks with automated DR failover/failback orchestration.

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Reduced TCO

Reduce your data footprint by combining backup and disaster recovery, and reduce on-prem infrastructure with DRaaS.

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Disaster recovery as a service

Eliminate your secondary data center and reduce the complexity of your on-prem operations. Meet demanding business SLAs across application tiers and environments, and gain agility with disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS).


Why Cohesity for disaster recovery?

Cohesity delivers peace of mind and flexibility when you need it most—with lightning-quick recovery across applications and clouds to any point in time.

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Operational efficiency

Eliminate silos for data and workloads. Protect mission-critical and business-critical applications and data on a single platform with automated DR all through one global UI.

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Non-disruptive DR testing

Reduce operational complexity and meet compliance requirements with non-disruptive DR testing, audit trails, and reporting.

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Flexible recovery

Restore to any point in time—from years to just seconds before the disaster hit. Meet your recovery SLAs with ML-based recommendations.

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Simplify business continuity and disaster recovery with automated failover and failback orchestration for your mission-critical workloads.


Ransomware resiliency with highly secure, SaaS-based cyber vaulting.

Ransomware Recovery

Defend against ransomware attacks with comprehensive data security and management capabilities, including immutable backup snapshots, AI-based early detection, threat detection, user behavior logging, and rapid recovery at scale.


Radically fast recovery, anywhere, anytime

Disaster recovery used to be complex and expensive. Not anymore. Simplify disaster recovery with Cohesity SiteContinuity.

  • Meet your business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) readiness objectives.
  • Create policies and workflows with drag and drop simplicity across workloads and applications.
  • Experience SLA-driven DR planning and testing with near-zero application downtime and no data loss.

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Hershey Entertainment logo

We used to have to go to our COLO provider to submit a ticket, retrieve tapes, and this process could take several hours. Now with Cohesity, I can search for a file and recover data within a few seconds."

Chris Roye

Infrastructure Engineer, Hershey Entertainment and Resorts


We have approximately 40 servers in production, so in the event of a disaster, if each server takes us two hours to recover, it will take us 80 hours to restore the whole data center. What we love about Cohesity is that bare-metal restores run on-the-fly, so we can restore a server in five-to-ten minutes instead of two hours."

Ban Ch’ng

Senior IT Manager, William Buck

Community Hospital logo

Mass data fragmentation is becoming a problem everywhere, not just in healthcare. Things are getting harder to find and siloed, even things you don't intentionally want in a silo. With regulation dictating more best practice for data handling and storage, organizations really need to rethink their approach to data management.

Derek Sailors

Information Systems Director, Community Hospital


Cohesity delivered lower TCO, the ability to archive data natively to the cloud, and fast and simplified data restores to ensure disaster recovery and business continuity."

Aaron Venson SEV Quote Headshot

Aaron Venson

Senior Network Architect, SEVTECH

Master Group logo

The Cohesity DRaaS offering provides multiple benefits that are incredibly appealing to our organization. Application uptime and the ability to recover in the cloud top the list. But, we also like the pay-as-you-go cloud infrastructure model, which can help reduce costs. And, we like the simplicity of it all. We can manage this offering along with our on-premises Cohesity deployment through one platform on one UI. That’s the Cohesity difference.”

François Lepage, The Master Group

François Lepage

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Manager, The Master Group

Navis logo

Maintaining the integrity of our data in the face of a disaster or attacks is crucial and protecting our applications and data across various SLAs is complex and challenging. The new solution from Cohesity is very timely as it allows us to protect our mission and business critical applications on a single platform. We can now automate our business continuity and disaster recovery strategy, all from Cohesity’s data platform, making it easier for us to manage SLAs, and reduce downtime with automated, rapid failover and failback"

Steve Culy Navis Quote Headshot

Steve Culy

Senior Systems Engineer, Navis

Commonly asked disaster recovery questions

Disaster recovery is the process and procedures implemented to recover and restore critical systems, operations, and data following a disruptive event or disaster.

Disaster recovery metrics are specific measurements organizations use to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of a recovery plan and its execution. Some common disaster recovery metrics include recovery time objective (RTO), recovery point objective (RPO), success rate of recovery, and recovery costs.

A disaster recovery plan is an approach that outlines the procedures, strategies, and resources required to recover and restore critical systems, operations, and data. It serves as the roadmap for the organization to respond effectively to disasters and minimize downtime. Read this blog post for details about why enterprises need a disaster recovery strategy.

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