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Exponential data growth and content-driven access are driving factors for enterprises to adopt object storage. As a flat file system, object storage eliminates the limitations of a traditional file storage by scaling limitlessly and hold massive amounts of unstructured data such as documents and media files. Object storages offers flexibility to customize metadata tags, which allows users to easily locate files among large set of unstructured data.

Cohesity DataPlatform, an enterprise-ready, scale-out S3-compatible hyperconverged secondary storage solution provides unlimited scalability. Designed on web-scale principles, you can start with as few as three nodes and expand your cluster with Cohesity’s pay-as-you-grow model to address growing data volumes.

Simplify Storage Management

Industry-standard S3 REST APIs for easy app integration. Also, supports simultaneous NFS, CIFS/SMB access to S3 volumes. Get ready for tomorrow while maintaining compatibility with your existing enterprise file protocols.

Global Data Efficiency

Maximize your object storage efficiency with Cohesity's true global variable block length deduplication and compression. Unlike others, Cohesity deduplicates across the cluster. In addition, Cohesity DataPlatform also supports erasure coding (2:1, 4:2, 5:2) to reduce data center footprint.


Integrate natively with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud to leverage the economics and elasticity the public cloud. Eliminate bolt-on cloud gateways and simplify direct data access into the cloud.

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