Simple Data

Converge backup software, replication and target storage in one integrated solution

Fast RPOs
and RTOs

Reduce RPOs to 15 minutes and enable instantaneous RTOs

Cost effective backup and recovery

Reduce CAPEX and OPEX by 70% with a single solution for end-to-end data protection

Key features

Cohesity Data Protect converges all your data protection infrastructure on the Cohesity platform – including backup, replication, disaster recovery, and cloud tiering. Cohesity Data Protect ensures strict application SLAs while cutting data protection costs up to 70%.

Simple data protection

Integrated backup and recovery solution:
Simplify your data protection infrastructure with an end-to-end backup and recovery solution that is fully con verged on the Cohesity platform. Eliminate the need for separate backup software, proxy servers and media servers.

VMware integration:
Integrate seamlessly into your vSphere environment. vCenter integration provides a full view of your VMs to assign data protection policies. vSphere APIs for Data Protection integration enables agentless, application-consistent backups with change-block tracking.

Support for apps on physical servers:
Backup your physical applications with application-specific adapters. Support for Microsoft Windows Server, SQL Server, Linux, and Oracle database.

Policy-based management:
Create policies that specify your application SLA requirements including RPO, retention policies, off-site replication and cloud archival. Assign policies to VMs based on application SLA requirements.

Tight application SLAs

Recovery Points of minutes - not hours:
Reduce your Recovery Points to 15 minutes with parallelized data ingest and unlimited snapshots of the Cohesity Data Platform.

Instantaneous Recovery Times:
Recover applications instantly by running a clone of the application directly on the Cohesity Data Platform.

Granular control of your data

Instant file-level search:
Instantly find your virtual machine and file data with Google-like wild-card search on Virtual Machines and individual files to accelerate recovery times.

Granular VM, file and object-level recovery:
Recover individual VMs, restore files to source VMs, and recover individual application objects for Exchange, SQL, and SharePoint

Off-site and long-term data protection

Remote replication for disaster recovery and migrations:
Protect your data off-site and enable disaster recovery / migrations to remote sites, with built-in remote replication.

Leverage compelling cloud economics and expand the capacity of your Cohesity cluster by automatically tiering colder data to the cloud. Choose your preferred provider with support for Google Cloud Storage Nearline, Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3 and Glacier.

Replicate data to the cloud for off-site data protection and disaster recovery.

Eliminate tape by using the public cloud for long-term data archival. Choose your preferred provider with support for Google Cloud Storage Nearline, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Glacier.