Simple, converged data protection

Eliminate data protection silos by converging all your backup infrastructure on the Cohesity scale-out
platform – including backup software, target storage, replication, disaster recovery, and cloud tiering.
Simplify management with a single UI and policy-based automation. Accelerate your recovery points
and recovery times while cutting data protection costs by 50%.


Converge backup software, replication, and target storage, in one unified solution managed through policy-based automation


Provide sub-5 minute RPOs, near-instant RTOs, and Google-like search of files and VMs


Reduce hardware, software and support costs by 50% or more.


Web-scale platform with native cloud integration, remote

Simple data protection

  • Converge backup app + target storage: Simplify your data protection infrastructure with a complete backup and recovery solution that is fully converged on Cohesity DataPlatform. Eliminate the need for separate backup software, proxy servers, media servers and target storage.
  • End-to-end workflows through single UI: Manage and provision your data protection services through a single pane of glass. Orchestrate data protection with a complete set of REST APIs and associated documentation. Integrate with your existing orchestration and DevOps tools.
  • Policy-based automation: Create policies that specify your application requirements including RPO, retention periods, off-site replication and archival targets. Automate data protection by assigning policies to individual applications based on SLA requirements.

Broad application and infrastructure support

  • VMware integration: Integrate seamlessly into your vSphere environment. Support for vCenter Tags and Folders allows vSphere admins to manage data protection directly from vCenter. vCenter integration provides a full view of your VM objects in the Cohesity UI. vSphere APIs for Data Protection integration enables agentless, application-consistent backups with change-block tracking. And the Cohesity plugin for vRealize Automation enables self-service provisioning of data protection.
  • Support for databases and apps on physical servers: Backup your physical applications with application-specific adapters. Support for Microsoft Windows Server, SQL Server, Linux, and Oracle database.
  • Integration with primary storage and NAS: Integration with Pure Storage FlashArray//m to automatically tier snapshots from primary storage to Cohesity for protection and long-term retention. The Cohesity NAS adapter enables simple protection of NetApp filers on Cohesity.

Fast recovery points and recovery times

  • Sub-5 minute recovery points: Reduce your Recovery Points to sub-5 minutes by taking an unlimited number of incremental backups, storing each backup as a fully hydrated snap on Cohesity DataPlatform, and leveraging parallelized data ingest.
  • Full catalog of always-ready snaps: Access each backup instantaneously for cloning, application or file-level recovery, with a full catalog of always-ready snapshots.
  • Near-Instantaneous Recovery Times: Recover large multi-tier applications in seconds by instantly provisioning clones from backup snapshots. Run recovered applications directly on Cohesity DataPlatform until data is copied back to primary storage.

Granular search and recovery

  • Instant Google-like search: Instantly find your virtual machine and file data with Google-like wild-card search on Virtual Machines and individual files.
  • Granular VM, file and object-level recovery: Recover individual VMs, restore files to source VMs, and recover individual application objects for Exchange, SQL, and SharePoint

Off-site and long-term data protection

  • Remote replication for disaster recovery and migrations: Replicate between Cohesity clusters for off-site data protection, disaster recovery and application migrations. Leverage flexible topologies including one-to-many and many-to-one replication.
  • CloudArchive: Eliminate tape by using the public cloud for long-term data archival. Choose your preferred provider with support for Google Cloud Storage Nearline, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Glacier. Maximize storage efficiency and security in the cloud with compression, dedupe and encryption. Search through your data to rapidly recovery granular application data or files.
  • CloudTier: Expand the capacity of your Cohesity cluster by automatically tiering individual chunks of data to the cloud. Choose your preferred provider with support for Google Cloud Storage Nearline, Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3 and Glacier.
  • CloudReplicate: Replicate data to a Cohesity Cloud Edition cluster running in the public cloud. CloudReplicate minimizes potential data loss by replicating data as soon as a backup is completed. Use the data in the cloud for disaster recovery, application migrations, test/dev, or analytics.
  • Tape archival: Support external tape libraries for long-term data archival.

Built-in security

  • Software-based encryption of data at-rest and in-flight: Encrypt data on Cohesity with software-based encryption using the AES-256 standard, with optional FIPS certification. Data is encrypted at-rest on the platform, and in-flight when replicated or archived to the cloud. Keys are automatically rotated and managed either by an external key management system or by the Cohesity cluster.
  • Role-Based Access Control: Integrate with Windows AD to support role-based permissions. Customize permission levels by type of user (admin vs. end-user) and by source of protected data.
  • Ransomware protection: Provide comprehensive protection against ransomware attacks. Take frequent backups, as often as every 5 minutes, to enable quick recovery of data on primary storage systems with minimal data loss. In addition, Cohesity backups are stored on immutable snaps to prevent malicious alterations.