Enterprises are struggling to take control of their secondary data in an increasingly hybrid cloud world. Cohesity and Microsoft Azure have teamed up to deliver a hybrid cloud data fabric that can help you manage your secondary storage sprawl.

The joint solution brings together the Hyperconverged Secondary Storage platform from Cohesity and the scalability and cost-effectiveness of the Azure cloud.

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Solution Brief

Backup to Azure

Backup on-premises applications and send backup data directly to Azure eliminating the need to deploy backup software and target storage on-premises

Archival in Azure

Archive backup data to the Azure cloud for long-term retention. Benefit from indexing of data for fast retrieval and search back to on-premises from the cloud.

Test/Dev in Azure

Support test/dev processes with policy-based replication of data from on-premises to the Azure cloud. Provision copies of data instantly in the cloud.

Disaster Recovery in Azure

Support disaster recovery in the Azure cloud with policy-based replication of data from on-premises to the Azure cloud. Recover VMs in Azure in less than 1 hour.

Cohesity Cloud Edition gives us the ability to easily and efficiently replicate our on-premises data to Microsoft Azure. It helps us implement both a disaster recovery solution and provision low-cost test/dev instances in the cloud,

Marlon Wenceslao
Sr. Systems Manager

With Cohesity Cloud Edition we can easily and transparently move our virtual machine backups into the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This provides an on-ramp for us to utilize Azure cloud services to run our applications as our business grows and evolves.

Peter Ostashen
IT Manager

Replication performance to AzureGov and CJIS compliance for use with police car and body cam video capture and storage was a key requirement for us. Cohesity’s native cloud integration allowed us to seamlessly replicate and archive production data offsite to Microsoft Azure and AzureGov for securely handling police videos.

Ben Price
Administrative and Residential IT director

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