On the heels of last month’s announcement of the Reporting App, we’re proud to announce significant updates to two of our most popular apps on the Cohesity Marketplace – Insight and Runbook. Cohesity now has a dozen apps with hundreds of customers using them to do more with their data.

Why Run Apps on Cohesity?

A quick recap in case you’re wondering why customers would run apps on Cohesity—a product you likely use for (or have heard of in the context of) backups.

Cohesity—at its very foundation—is an infinitely scalable distributed file system. With superior indexing, availability, and security, it consolidates and indexes all of an enterprise’s data silos – backups, target storage, as well as files and objects across the data center, cloud, and edge.

Consolidation of data is only half the story. Our mission is to enable our customers to derive value from their data, to turn an insurance policy into their greatest competitive advantage.

Most data applications think data security, visibility, and analytics, offer limited enterprise value simply because they’re not exposed to the entirety of enterprise data. Disparate protocols, data-gravity, multiple APIs, and fragmented data across clouds prevents companies from being able to leverage these applications to their fullest. On the other hand, waiting for a scheduled maintenance window translates to downtime and lost revenue.

But not anymore. With Cohesity, customers are able to run their favorite data applications (Splunk, Tenable, ClamAV and more) right on the platform. Rich, near-real-time data feeding apps without any stress to the primary environment. Rather than having customers spin up more data copies and runtime silos, we’re helping them bring apps to where their data resides.

Cohesity dataplatform

Cohesity Insight: Instant Search on Petabytes of Data

 Cohesity Insight brings the Google search experience to your data environment. Insight offers search within files, and with today’s latest update, expands to cover all protected VMs. As your data multiplies in size every day, Insight delivers search and discovery of files that need masking, or restricted access, or movement across cloud to adhere to your security and compliance policies.

Insight now supports regex and is able to index and search almost all files with text, including spreadsheets, PDF documents, presentations and more. Regardless of how large your data environment is, Insight only has to index your environment once, and search is instant thereon, with new data automatically indexed. Moreover, to comply with your company’s data governance policies, the app has fine-grained control to restrict searches to particular VMs and files.

Cohesity prides itself on delivering real customer value with its global search capabilities. Large corporations such as Quantium have reduced their file search times from days to minutes, resulting in dramatically improved personnel efficiencies and SLAs. For companies that have particularly large amounts of data, like Air Bud in media and entertainment, and Riverside in healthcare, our innovations in search help find critical items from years ago instantaneously—a process that usually takes days of manual effort across dozens of tape archives.



Cohesity Runbook – Automated failover and recovery, now from VMware-to-VMware

Cohesity Runbook, launched last year introduced automated orchestration for migration and recovery across clouds. With its simple drag-and-drop interface, Runbook allows customers to test, validate, or run their DR plan by creating a simple visual workflow of failover steps/processes. With the new release, Runbook provides failover and recovery for applications, VMs, or entire data centers to VMware environments, in addition to failover and recovery to cloud.

This is a critical capability for customers that maintain their own replication sites, or use a VMware Cloud Provider as their DR target.


With its easy design, true hybridity, and reliable migrations, Runbook is a must-have in your business continuity arsenal.

We’re Turning Up the Volume on Apps

This is only the start of an accelerated release cadence for Cohesity apps and you can be sure that you’ll hear from the apps side of the house more often. We have some big announcements lined up for you this year, so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out the Cohesity Marketplace for the latest apps.


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