Since its inception in 2018, Cohesity’s Partner Program for Service Providers has rapidly grown into one of our most strategic assets and business strengths. Over the past 2 years, our service provider network has grown in size and innovation, as we continue to empower our partners to disrupt the data management space. 

Today, we add another jewel to our Service Provider (SP) network: US Signal.  An award-winning provider of cloud and managed services in the United States, US Signal has chosen Cohesity to power its portfolio of data protection services. Spanning five data centers and with a massive scale of virtual workloads under management, US Signal uses Cohesity in conjunction with VMware Cloud Director to provide their customers with a simple, click-to-launch backup experience.

“US Signal began investigating a new backup vendor with a true Service Provider focus and better API integration with VMware Cloud Director. From the onset, Cohesity had a larger focus on service providers with a team that was knowledgeable on how SP environments are different from the traditional enterprise,” Derrin Rummelt, EVP of Engineering at US Signal.

Our key differentiator when approaching service provider challenges is our platform approach. Service providers offer a variety of services to their customers (IaaS, BaaS, DRaaS, managed PaaS & SaaS), and very often have to deal with massive sprawl in technologies, vendors, and their associated toolchains and processes across their datacenter estate. Naturally, this creates operational complexity, needless redundancies, and ballooning costs. With Cohesity, however, service providers are able to offer a multitude of services (all of the aforementioned, along with file and object services, turnkey data management services, data security services, and more) from a single platform. And this isn’t just a shim layer of manageability. Cohesity helps consolidate, secure, and deduplicate data across locations, clouds, edge, and data centers onto one platform, protecting it against ransomware, indexing it, and making it available and searchable. For service providers especially, the platform possesses cross-tenant encryption, custom reporting, chargeback capabilities, DR automation, and tenant network isolation. 


Automation and integration with service provider toolchains is another significant differentiator for Cohesity. US Signal leverages the Cohesity UI to manage and protect its customer data in private cloud environments, but is also leveraging the API through the Cohesity-VCD integration for multi-tenant services. The integration allows not just US Signal, but also their customers to self-serve key data management functions from within the VCD cloud services portal. Within a few months, the benefits of Cohesity’s platform capabilities such as multi-tenancy, variable-length deduplication, and cross-site replication have already become visible. 


Our benefits to the service provider community don’t just stop at technology. We partner with SPs right from a preliminary service exploration phase, help our partners design and architect their offerings, provide usage and operational training, partner on go-to-market opportunities and much more. But don’t take our word for it — just ask US Signal, our latest strategic partner helping solve mass data fragmentation for thousands of customers.

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