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Adopt an -aaS Mindset for Data with Cohesity-Powered Service Providers

As the pace of business increases, it’s critical for organizations to continuously innovate, and innovate faster. To support this goal, IT needs to focus on the core competencies that help businesses innovate faster, instead of simply keeping the lights on in the data center. 

One way for IT to do this, is by adopting an as-a-service mindset. Here’s why:

  • From building to consumption, at a lower cost: With computing becoming cheaper and more scalable each day, more IT teams can switch from painstakingly building to IaaS / PaaS / SaaS consumption. This reduces software cycles tremendously (weeks to hours). 
  • Easier and faster access: Companies want all the benefits of technology without the pain of having to actually manage it. And they want this in hours or days, not weeks or months. Bonus points if they can consume it via an easy to access web interface from anywhere and on any device.
  • On-demand capacity: As-a-service offerings are built for uncertainty. They can easily accommodate increased demand and scale back down when not needed. You can’t be limited by infrastructure constraints when you have no infrastructure.
  • Cutting edge of technology: Customers are always updated on the latest features and functionalities without having to wait for the next refresh cycle. This can be the biggest competitive advantage in the race for faster application development.
  • No ownership and maintenance: With no need to constantly maintain infrastructure or skill and update people and processes, companies can now spend their time on other revenue-generating activities. 
  • Flexible payment model: One of the biggest advantages of an as-a-service model is the transition from a one-time capital expense to a recurring, quarterly, or monthly operational expense. This makes it easier to consume technology by breaking up its cost over multiple staggered installments in a pay-as-you-grow fashion that finance and accounting teams love.

At Cohesity, our customers are at the heart of everything that we do. We’re not only continuously delivering innovations to solve the problem of mass data fragmentation,  but also simplifying access and consumption of our revolutionary Cohesity DataPlatform—which consolidates non-mission critical data and apps and extracts valuable insights. We recognize that not all businesses are ready to own or manage infrastructure themselves and prefer to consume it as a managed service in a pay-as-you-go model.

Moving to IT as-a-Service

Cohesity partners with leading service providers worldwide to make it easy for you to access and realize the proven benefits of our data management platform. Our partners deliver Cohesity data management solutions as cloud and managed services across on-premises or hosted private clouds, co-location facilities, and public clouds with a flexible consumption model. Customers have access to a rich catalog of Cohesity data management solutions as-a-service including:

Cohesity Powered Services

  • Backup as a Service – Backup and recovery that includes on-site data protection, direct backup to cloud, and cloud-native backup.
  • Archival services – Long-term data retention and compliance across clouds with easy data access through Google-like search.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service – Reliable off-site protection and business continuity with instant mass recovery in case of a catastrophic event at a primary site.
  • File and Object services – Scale-out NAS for user home directories, departmental network shares, and group collaboration, and S3-compatible object storage for unstructured data storage and retrieval.
  • Dev/Test as a Service – Dev/test provisioning in the cloud, supporting agile iterations, rapid cloning, and quick tear down, speeding application delivery.
  • Analytics as a Service – The ability to uncover insights from untapped data and apps and streamline compliance while providing proactive and predictive analytics on capacity, consumption, data growth, and threat behavior/impact.
  • Custom Services – Custom data and apps services, for example security as-a-service for ransomware recovery, using Cohesity’s API-first architecture and RESTFUL APIs.

What is a Cohesity-Powered Service Provider and Why Should You Care?

To make it easier for our customers to choose the right service provider that is best suited for their unique data management needs, Cohesity created the Cohesity-Powered trust mark, a designation available only to qualified partners who build their businesses on Cohesity’s trusted platform and adhere to our strict quality standards. Service providers that earn the Cohesity-Powered trust mark have made deep investments in Cohesity technologies and are committed to offering differentiated data management services as well as support on top of proven Cohesity solutions.

The Cohesity-Powered designation gives you confidence that you’re adopting the most complete, most advanced Cohesity technologies from your service providers. You are also assured of the greatest degree of data mobility and interoperability across clouds and the greatest advantage for your business. Cohesity-Powered partners accelerate your journey to multi-cloud and empower you to unlock greater value from your enterprise data. Cohesity will continue to introduce new Cohesity-Powered partners over time to drive greater flexibility for you in your selection of global service providers with consistent infrastructure and operations across clouds.

For more information, visit the service provider solutions page on cohesity.com. To find Cohesity service provider partners including Cohesity-Powered partners, visit the service provider partner page.

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Cohesity’s Sanjeev Desai, Senior Director, Solutions Marketing, contributed to this blog.

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