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Be Prepared for a Ransomware Attack

Response and Recovery Simplified with Cohesity and Wipro

If there is one thing that keeps most IT practitioners up at night, it is the threat of ransomware. Ransomware and other cybercrimes are an increasing concern among enterprises — a recent report from Cybersecurity Ventures expects global cybercrime costs will grow by 15 percent annually over the next five years, reaching more than $10 trillion by 2025. 

Ransomware attacks are inevitable. CIOs and CISOs should focus not just on preventing them but also on swiftly responding when attacks occur. Assuring robust data security and ransomware protection is the top priority, but equal focus needs to be placed on how you respond when an attack occurs to minimize its impact and maintain business continuity. So many questions often come to mind when trying to think through this critical challenge: 

  • How can valuable data be protected while still keeping operations simple? 
  • How can data be recovered in case of a cyberattack while minimizing disruptions to the business?  
  • Who is responsible for maintaining data sovereignty and compliance requirements? 
  • How do you obtain, develop, and constantly refine the skills and resources (both human and technical) needed to tackle these daunting questions without incurring exorbitant recurring costs?

With so many questions to consider and no one-size-fits-all solutions, ransomware response and recovery can be complicated — but it doesn’t have to be.

A Bespoke Solution to a Complex Problem 

To address this multifaceted issue, Cohesity has partnered with Wipro Limited, a leading Global System Integrator (GSI), to offer a joint ransomware recovery service that enables customers to improve their security posture against cybersecurity threats while helping to ensure business continuity and disaster preparedness. 

Wipro Enterprise Recovery Vault powered by Cohesity, pairs Cohesity’s innovative, modern data management solutions and cutting-edge anti-ransomware capabilities with Wipro’s strategic IT consulting services, API-based automation frameworks, and global reach to give customers a comprehensive ransomware protection and recovery solution delivered as a managed service. The result is the first GSI-managed end-to-end ransomware recovery service leveraging Cohesity data protection software and is the frontrunner of many more powerful data management services to come from the new Wipro-Cohesity alliance.

Wipro Enterprise Recovery Vault powered by Cohesity is a comprehensive service that holistically addresses all the aspects involved in ransomware response and recovery including the human efforts, the IT recovery and resumption processes, and the intelligent automation required for orchestrating appropriate actions post a cyberattack — all tailor-made to the organization’s unique needs and delivered as a service. Organizations can now access Cohesity’s proven data protection and disaster recovery capabilities through the Wipro Enterprise Recovery Vault, for a truly customized white-glove service that protects against the costly disruptions of ransomware attacks. The Vault is also integrated with the Wipro Service Theatre automation framework for a seamless customer experience and accelerated time-to-market.

Wipro Enterprise Recovery Vault powered by Cohesity protects against, detects, and most importantly, rapidly recovers from ransomware attacks to reduce downtime and ensure business continuity through:

  • Reduced Attack Surface- Collapses data and infrastructure silos onto a single, multicloud data platform that reduces accessible points
  • Immutable Backups- Prevents external systems from targeting backups with an immutable file system, DataLock (WORM), multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and RBAC protection layers
  • Machine Learning-based Detection- Reduces downtime with early detection after a cyberattack on an IT production environment with machine-driven anomaly detection
  • Rapid Recovery– Accelerates recovery with instant mass restore on-premises or across multicloud environments with a clean copy of backup data

When Ransomware Strikes, We’ve Got You Covered

No organization is immune to ransomware attacks, and the consequences — loss of revenue and increased time to market due to cybersecurity incidents, data corruption, and operational disruptions — are major concerns for enterprises. Wipro Enterprise Recovery Vault powered by Cohesity helps address these concerns by improving disaster readiness so businesses can respond to and recover faster from a ransomware attack. It also protects market and brand reputation and minimizes revenue loss, prevents penalization from regulators and enforcement authorities, and builds stakeholder confidence in an environment of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks. 

Wipro and Cohesity joint customers can now enjoy peace of mind, knowing that they have not one, but two trusted partners who have their back when a ransomware attack happens.  

Wipro Enterprise Recovery Vault powered by Cohesity is available globally through Wipro via advisory-led engagements in flexible pay-as-you-grow commercial models including CapEx, OpEx, and utility-based pricing.

Learn more about Wipro Enterprise Recovery Vault powered by Cohesity or Cohesity’s approach to countering ransomware.

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