I live in a very special place, and sometimes after being here for so long it’s difficult to remember that. One of Cohesity’s cultural tenets is to ‘bend reality to make the impossible possible’, and Silicon Valley is one of the places where that is not just hyperbole, but can literally be found within a stone’s throw. On almost every block there are inventors and dreamers that have changed the lives of millions, if not billions, of people around the globe both personally and professionally.

I joined Cohesity because I love that technology can change the world for good. And so I jumped at the chance to sit down with IDG’s Josh London to talk about Cohesity and how we’re transforming the data center for the cloud era, ultimately making data more productive for businesses. At the core of this is creating hyperconverged secondary storage.

Our conversation took place at Cohesity’s new Silicon Valley headquarters, and is part of IDG’s CMO Perspective series, which explores topics on technology and marketing from executives across a wide range of industries. During our chat, we talked about a range of topics from explaining “what is hyperconverged secondary storage” to our customer-first philosophy. And because Silicon Valley is also at the heart of technology changes that are sweeping marketing practices today, we talked about how all business is ultimately ‘human to human’ even if we all have a phone glued to our hands these days.

The Bay Area remains a special place, perhaps more so now to me than when I moved here so many years ago. And I’m thrilled to be spreading the word of the next revolutionary solution for business – inventing hyperconverged secondary storage to do more with your data – that our corner of the world has developed.

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