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Psst: It’s time to register for Cohesity Catalyst

Here’s why you should attend our virtual summit May 23-25.

I get it.

There are lots of conferences. Lots of demands on your time and your bandwidth. So adding an event to your calendar—even a virtual one like Catalyst—can feel like a big commitment. “Convince me,” you may be saying. “I’m busy.”

Here’s why Catalyst, the industry’s leading data security and management summit, is worth your time.

Plan your learning at Catalyst

At Catalyst, happening May 23-25, we’re focusing on what you most want to hear about, learn about, and use in your organization right away. Based on our survey of what topics are most urgent for you, it’s resoundingly clear that AI, data security, and cloud are top-of-mind.

So when devising our session catalog, we’ve kept these three themes at the forefront. You’ll have 20 sessions to choose from and a chance to learn directly from some of the industry’s top technical minds.

Based on feedback from you, our users, here are just a few of the top sessions you’ll want to attend:

  • Foundational Ransomware Tools for Today’s Evolving Threats
  • Addressing Modern-Day Data Breaches With Cohesity Security Solutions
  • Advanced VMware Data Protection Best Practices

Is Catalyst worth your time for breakout sessions alone? Of course. But that’s not all we’re offering.

Attend keynotes by industry visionaries

Let’s talk keynotes.

Over the course of three days, our keynotes will feature speakers from some of the most impressive businesses and organizations in our industry, including:

Cohesity Catalyst speaker companies
Keynote topics include: The Future of Data Security and Management; Securing and Managing Data in Any Cloud: Public, Private, or Hybrid; and a closing keynote by Tammie Jo Shults, a former Navy pilot best known for her landing of a Boeing 737 when she saved 148 lives. She’ll be talking about how to lead and manage in a crisis, even under severe pressure.

Check out our full lineup of featured keynote and breakout speakers.

Build skills with remote hands-on labs and free certifications

Your conference registration also gives you access to technical labs and Cohesity certifications. In 17 free, remote hands-on labs, offered live during the event, you’ll gain experience with Cohesity solutions in multiple areas: security, self-managed cloud, Cohesity Cloud Services, data protection, and operations. Labs are practical and simulate real-world scenarios you may encounter in your work. Plus, you can connect virtually with subject matter experts to get your questions answered.

As for certifications, great news: We’re waiving the $150 per exam fee for Catalyst attendees. So during the virtual summit, you can take up to four certification exams to earn your badges—at no cost! These badges are valuable industry credentials that demonstrate your mastery of complex data protection, security, and management skills. They can be especially useful if you’re a practitioner continuously looking to uplevel your knowledge and career. (And they may help you stand out in today’s tight job market.)

The exams we’ll be offering at Catalyst include:

… plus two additional exams exclusively for partners.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to get Cohesity certified during Catalyst.

Catalyst is for YOU

Catalyst isn’t for everyone. It’s for YOU.

You. The unsung IT leader and practitioner entrusted with keeping your organization’s most critical asset—its data—safe. The one called in at all hours when cyberattacks hit. Who makes daily decisions about how to prepare, in very concrete ways, for every company’s worst nightmare.

Through it all, you keep the business running.

We’ve designed this event so YOU will find something of genuine, concrete value.

Whether you’re inspired by a keynote from a high-profile visionary, better informed about a product you use daily, or develop deeper, more granular insight into the features and capabilities of a wide array of Cohesity solutions, you’ll be more equipped to secure, protect, and manage your organization’s data.

The time is now

Let me speak plainly: Protecting and securing your data has never been more urgent—because ransomware threats keep growing and evolving. There’s no better time to deepen your data protection, data security, and cloud expertise.

Join us.

Register now.

Written by


Lynn Lucas

Chief Marketing Officer


Lynn Lucas

Chief Marketing Officer

As Chief Marketing Officer, Lynn leads the global marketing function driving customer experience and accelerating adoption of Cohesity's solutions. Lynn brings 25 years of marketing experience for high technology B2B organizations.

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