It was just two short months ago that we celebrated raising $250 million in an oversubscribed Series D funding round. That round was led by the $100 billion SoftBank Vision Fund, marking the second time SoftBank has invested in an enterprise software company.

Fast forward to July, our CEO, Mohit Aron, traveled to Japan and was warmly welcomed to the SoftBank World 2018 keynote stage by Masayoshi Son, SoftBank’s founder and CEO.

With Mohit seated in the audience, Masayoshi Son (also known as “Masa”) spoke briefly about the challenge with data growth and how Cohesity is solving this problem.

Then, with a broad smile, he introduced Mohit, saying, “Cohesity services were introduced to SoftBank employees, and all of the employees who heard the news said they want to use the Cohesity services. They are very excited.” That introduction was one for the Cohesity memory books.

Honored, Mohit thanked Masa, shook his hand, and began talking to an engaged SoftBank World audience about Cohesity’s mission to redefine secondary apps and data, and the $60 billion TAM this space represents. Propelled by SoftBank’s investment and its expertise in Asian markets, Mohit explained that Cohesity is reshaping how businesses tap into their secondary data in order to mobilize it and also highlighted why point solutions from legacy vendors aren’t cutting it any longer.

“The most valuable resource in the world today is not oil any more, it’s data. We generate more data in one year today than in all of the years combined since the beginning of time, up until a few years back. The problem is that despite the fact that data is the most valuable resource, we store data today on infrastructure, on storage, that is primitive.”

Much has been written about our partnership with SoftBank, as well as Cohesity’s modern backup and recovery solution to the legacy backup problem. To learn more about SoftBank and Cohesity, check out these other articles.

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