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Tackling Data Management Complexity In a Multicloud World

Enterprises have a wealth of data at their disposal. Yet not all of them are managing it well enough to transform their organizations, react quickly to changing conditions, and operate more efficiently (and profitably). The reason for this is that data management has become too costly and too complex.

First, data is being housed in more silos than ever — in disparate locations and products, on-site and in clouds. Second, IT teams are burdening specialists to manage it using a patchwork of disconnected products — one for backup and recovery, another for data security and governance, and still others for disaster recovery, file and object services, data analytics, and more. Third, IT do-it-yourself (DIY) data management configurations don’t play well with other solutions, making integrations difficult, especially as data volumes scale.

Scaling Data Volumes Lead to Mass Fragmentation

Enterprises face data recovery challenges, in particular, because of the scale of their data, according to the Everest Group’s Driving Enterprise Business Transformation with Next-Generation Data Management report. “It’s difficult for [them] to optimize and restore large and critical data pools, further increasing the burden of IT teams and driving compliance costs.”

Analysts are advocating for a better approach: “Enterprises need to consolidate their data and adopt a cloud-native data management platform and solutions to provide IT users easy access and visibility into data existing across different environments.”

Users agree. A full 88% of respondents in a study by Vanson Bourne said the benefits of the cloud can be realized only if solutions are in place to solve mass data fragmentation challenges across their multicloud environments.

Simplicity at Scale and a UI For All

What enterprises and users both need is a next-gen data management platform that solves the cost and complexity challenges. It offers simplicity at scale and supports all critical use cases — backup, archival, disaster recovery, file and object services, analytics, ransomware recovery, and more — in one easy-to-use platform.

“Even though the infrastructure spans on-premises, edge infrastructure, and even the cloud, it can still be managed using a single UI,” explains Cohesity CEO and Founder, Mohit Aron.

With a Cohesity next-gen data management platform, organizations can manage all their data in one place and expand with ease. They enjoy the simplicity at scale benefits of

  • A single hyperscale platform – It consolidates data silos onto a software platform that spans hybrid and multicloud environments.
  • Multiple use cases – It supports many use cases so enterprises can run all of the different data management functions on the same hyperscale platform without creating silos and requiring data specialists.
  • A single global user interface (UI) – It enables organizations to manage all their data in one place for global visibility and policy control while minimizing IT admin effort and risk.
  • Flexible software deployment – A next-gen data platform can be consumed as SaaS or managed in-house (or both, depending on need). Organizations can pay as they grow or subscribe only to what they need — and change without penalty.*

* Pay-as-you-grow model available for select services.

Data Management Simplicity in the Real World

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Digital Infrastructure Service Center (DISC) hit a wall in its ability to manage data. DISC is a federally owned cloud services provider that offers infrastructure to many government agencies. But legacy data management systems were making it hard for DISC to meet its SLAs. Certain processes were unnecessarily manual, expansion was time-consuming, and its ability to scale was limited. Moreover, at the time, existing DISC systems were not cloud-native, which meant backing up, deduplicating, and retaining waves of data meant manually configuring gateways and appliances.

DISC implemented a Cohesity next-gen data management platform and established a two-way connection to AWS and Azure clouds for offsite backup, disaster recovery, and tiered archiving. Legacy systems have been replaced with a single software platform for handling multiple tasks. Such simplicity at scale has saved DISC 30 hours per week in IT labor and cut its TCO in half. Not to mention, because the Cohesity platform includes cloud-native integration, DISC doesn’t have to worry about manual intervention or overproducing hardware resources to meet demand: Simplicity at scale means the data management platform can easily burst to the cloud whenever extra capacity is needed.

“Cohesity is easy to use and update, saving time and enabling USDA OCIO DISC staff to be more responsive to our customers,” explained George Strother, Storage Management Branch Chief, Office of the Chief Information Officer at the Digital Infrastructure Services Center, U.S. Department of Agriculture. “The ability to simply add nodes onsite or burst to the cloud has a real impact on our capacity to service customers continuously.”

Get Started With Next-Gen Data Management

In short, a DIY approach to managing multiple data solutions from multiple vendors across diverse environments creates an unscalable time sink for overworked IT teams and it’s a major contributor to higher TCO. Without simplicity at scale, service-level agreements (SLAs) come under pressure; computing resources operate inefficiently due to the proliferation of duplicated — and often insecure — data; and optimization of expensive, disparate, siloed systems remains low.

In contrast, a next-gen data management solution delivers simplicity at scale while incorporating Zero Trust security principles. It delivers AI-powered insights and seamlessly integrates with third-party solutions.

To learn more about how next-gen data management incorporates simplicity at scale, visit Cohesity.

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