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Top 10 Blogs of 2021

In 2021, the trends of 2020—work from home, cloud communication platforms, and unprecedented digital transformation—became accepted practice. These new ways of working and doing business also increased the value of data exponentially. In today’s world of hybrid work and computing, data is king.  And with that greater value has come greater vulnerability. It’s something that Cohesity has known since our beginning: data security is everything.

It’s no surprise, then, that our third annual Top 10 blog compilation addresses topics that were important to our readers like data management cloud, ransomware defense, and cybersecurity. So, read below to see what your peers were reading way back in 2021.

2021 Partner Awards10. Congratulations to FY21 Partner Award Winners

Congratulations to the 37 winners from the Cohesity global partner ecosystem for their remarkable performance and incredible achievements. See who the winners were.



Wipro9. Be Prepared for a Ransomware Attack

No organization is immune to ransomware attacks, and the consequences — loss of revenue and increased time to market due to cybersecurity incidents, data corruption, and operational disruptions — are major concerns for enterprises. Wipro Enterprise Recovery Vault powered by Cohesity helps address these concerns by improving disaster readiness so businesses can respond to and recover faster from a ransomware attack.


The Practitioners Guide To Microsoft 365 Teams Thumbnail8. The Practitioners Guide to Microsoft 365 Teams and Groups Data Protection

The massive adoption of Microsoft Teams and Groups makes the data generated by these applications critical. Enterprises need to protect Microsoft 365 Teams and Groups against human errors and cyber threats, continue to meet aggressive recovery time SLAs, and isolate data for legal and compliance requirements. Learn more about some common data management problems that Microsoft 365 cannot solve, including its native options for retaining Teams and Groups enterprise data.


Azure Stack And Azure Vmware Solution7. Expanding Cohesity’s Support for Microsoft’s Ecosystem — Azure Stack and Azure VMware Solution

Cohesity has expanded our data protection support for Azure Stack Hub and validated Cohesity Helios and DataProtect with Azure Stack Edge. With Azure VMware Solutions we validated protecting and recovering workloads running in the Azure VMware Solution Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) with Cohesity Helios and DataProtect.


How To Protect Your Mongodbs With Modern Backup And Recovery Options Thumbnail Image6. How to Protect Your MongoDB Databases with Modern Backup and Recovery Options

MongoDB is a popular NoSQL database that powers modern applications including storing product catalogs, processing payments, analyzing IoT data, and video games. MongoDB DBAs and app developers have a lot of choices when it comes to backing up and recovering MongoDB databases, and selecting the right backup and recovery solution is key to ensuring that your data is protected and available with the least amount of disruption.


Cohesity Academy5. New Cohesity Academy Offers Comprehensive Data Management Training and Certification

Cohesity Academy has been built with best-in-class practices, delivered in role-based courses and solution-based learning plans with comprehensive credentials. It can help companies everywhere become more efficient, accelerate their cloud journeys, lower risk, and do more with all of their data.


Multi-tenancy Blog Banner4. Multi-tenancy can mean different things to different people.

In software, it’s defined as when a single instance of a software application serves multiple tenants (or user accounts). Multi-tenancy can also refer to cloud hosting offerings, where one physical computer or virtual machine (VM) is shared among multiple users or client organizations. For service providers (SPs), it means ensuring resources for all tenants and reducing management overhead, turning it into a balancing act.


Cohesity Pegasus 6.6 Hero Banner3. Cohesity Pegasus 6.6 Release: A New Dawn in Simplified Data Management and Business Continuity

Organizations that can unlock hidden value from their vast data sources and recover from unforeseen events with agility and speed are the ones that survive and even thrive in the new era of accelerated digital transformation. Speed and agility are aided by the convergence of silos coupled with keeping things simple and easy to use.


Protect Your Business from the Ransomware Storm Blog2. 5 Tips to Protect Backup Against Ransomware Attacks

Backup and recovery solutions are designed to protect your organization, but sophisticated malware like Locky and Crypto-ransomware are now targeting your backup data. Not surprising, considering the rise in frequency and breadth of ransomware attacks. The first ransomware payment — circa 1989 — set the stage for hackers everywhere to begin locking up the data of unsuspecting targets and holding it until owners paid to get it back.


How Backup Immutability Defends Against Ransomware Attacks Thumbnail1. How Backup Immutability Defends Against Ransomware Attacks

A business will fall victim to a ransomware attack every 11 seconds this year, according to research by Cybersecurity Ventures. There, it just happened again. Despite how rapidly such attacks occur, it can take organizations months to recover from ransomware — and that’s often after they’ve contributed their share of extorted money to the $20 billion in damages ransomware cybercriminals will inflict in 2021.

We hope you enjoyed this look back at the top Cohesity blog posts for 2021, and we wish you all the best for 2022. We have some great things planned for the coming year, and our blogs will keep you up to date on it all.

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