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Top 10 Blogs of 2020

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us. A global pandemic changed everything, including how we lived and worked.  New terms like “social distancing,” entered our lexicon and masks, lockdowns, and the search for Clorox wipes became part of our everyday lives. Like so many of you, we adjusted to our new work-from-home reality and continued the lightning-fast pace of building new and improved technology to meet our customers’ changing needs.  

In our second annual top 10 blog posts compilation, we’ve identified the topics that resonate with our readers: data management, ransomware defense, data protection, and the Cohesity focus on customer obsession that includes meeting customer needs with new product releases, and our goal to always deliver outstanding customer support. Grab your holiday beverage of choice and take a few minutes to check out what your peers have been reading. Happy Holidays, and bring on 2021.

  1. Announcing Cohesity Pegasus 6.5.1: Options Matter

pegasus 651 announcement thumbnail
Value-oriented leaders understand that today’s infrastructure decisions are not part of a zero-sum game. You’re not looking at data management solutions to solve one challenge at the cost of another. You’re not willing to make trade-offs. With a modern data management solution, you don’t have to. You can have performance, simplicity, and control with Cohesity Pegasus 6.5.1 software release, bringing you new capabilities that make it easier to protect your organization’s data while giving you a new set of options in how to rightsize your environment.

  1. Making the Distributed Data Center a Reality with Cohesity DataPlatform for Edge

Remote Office Branch Office (ROBO) Graphic
We at Cohesity believe that enterprises should not have to be forced to choose between good-enough and over-kill approaches to protecting and managing their ROBO data. This is why we are excited to announce that we are extending and enhancing our current data management offerings for the enterprise edge with a new plug-and-play physical appliance optimized for enterprise ROBO locations. The new solution combines Cohesity software with certified  1U1N servers from our key technology partners, Cisco and Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE) and is available exclusively through their go-to-market channels.

  1. 5 Reasons to Upgrade to Cohesity 6.3.1 Software

Back in May 2019, we announced our 6.3 software release.  Since December 2019 our 6.3.1 software has been designated as a long term support “LTS”— ensuring we continue to deliver a top notch support experience for our customers. This helped us maintain an NPS score in the 90s and most recently hit a perfect 100. If you still haven’t upgraded to 6.3.1 yet, here are the top five reasons why you should.

  1. A Fresh Look at Scale-out Files and Objects

Today, Cohesity announced the Cohesity SmartFiles solution. SmartFiles addresses challenges including infrastructure, efficiency, scalability, cybersecurity, enterprise search, multi-tier data management, and compatibility across varied enterprise and cloud environments.

  1. Zero-RPO: Continuous Data Protection with Cohesity

With the introduction of Continuous Data Protection (CDP), enterprises will be able to recover all their mission-critical VMs from any point in time, seconds before the disaster struck. Enterprises can achieve their business SLAs predictably.

  1. Response to COVID: Customers Continue to Be at the Center of What We Do

Despite this dramatic and rapid shift in where we work, we have remained true to our core values while serving our customers and partners. We are delivering all products and services that customers benefited from prior to the pandemic. Our customer services, support, and business operations are running at 100% availability.

  1. Security-First Approach To Defend And Rapidly Recover From Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware is so common it has practically become a household name, yet it remains a daunting threat to enterprises in need of a modern solution that offers more than the ability to simply detect a threat. In a perfect world, we shouldn’t have to worry about ransomware attacks, but unfortunately, that’s not our world today. In a situation where your primary environment, users, and application infrastructure are compromised, Cohesity Helios can help you out of that jam.

  1. 4 Reasons to Back Up Microsoft Exchange Online

Enterprises are increasingly adopting Microsoft Office 365 for email and collaboration, with more than half of all businesses relying on it today. Using the cloud-based productivity tool, your organization is creating and interacting with information anywhere, anytime, leading to more business data than ever. Your enterprise must oversee and protect all of that data everywhere it goes—whether your industry is regulated or not. Because Exchange Online is the most popular Microsoft product, you should know the business reasons your company needs to back up Exchange Online.

  1. Cohesity Pegasus 6.5: Innovation Doesn’t Have to Be a Zero-Sum Game

cohesity pegasus 6.5 release
Enabling the modern enterprise is a juggling act. It’s critical to meet an ever-increasing innovation cadence while reducing risk. At Cohesity, we’re helping enterprise customers do just that. It’s possible—necessary even—to increase both speed and resiliency. You don’t have to compromise one or the other. Today, we are excited to share the availability of Cohesity Pegasus 6.5, helping you protect the data behind your newest initiatives in a faster way, as well as increasing the resiliency of your infrastructure. The latest software release encompasses over 80 capabilities.

  1. Unprecedented 100 Net Promoter Score

Cohesity achieved a 100 Net Promoter Score for the first month of the year. This is a first for the company and unprecedented in the industry. This is an amazing way to kick off 2020 and we certainly don’t take it, or customer satisfaction, for granted. We appreciate our customers—thank you! Customer obsession is a Cohesity core value, and our mission is to always deliver an exceptional support experience.

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