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What is Failover?

Failover is the process of seamlessly and automatically switching to a redundant system when a primary system fails due to an outage, attack, or other issue. Failover ensures that despite the malfunction of the primary system — server, storage, or network — the overarching system, such as an application, continues to operate close to normal. Failover is an essential element of both business continuity and disaster recovery, and it should be easy to design and automated upon execution. A related operation, failback, is the process of restoring the failed system to full operation. Failover and failback can occur between on-premises production and on-prem standby systems; between on-prem systems and cloud; between cloud and cloud; and any combination in between.

Why Is Failover Important?

Failover is a critical function for protecting mission-critical systems that must be always available so your organization can operate business as usual.

Naturally, the redundant standby system to which the primary system switches must itself be robust and not susceptible to failure.

The biggest three benefits of deploying a proven failover solution are:

  • Ensures continuity of service – In case of a system failure, you can continue servicing customers and keep your business running
  • Minimizes downtime – Allows your business to operate close to normal while the primary system is in ‘failed’ status or being fixed
  • Lowers risk – Lets you avoid the high costs of downtime that can include lost productivity, lost revenue, and lost brand reputation

Today’s IT environments are complex, spanning on-prem, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and multiple public clouds. Providing failover functionality for critical systems across all these platforms can be equally complex — and costly.

Cohesity Helps You Failover When You Need it Most

Cohesity simplifies failover. No matter where your application, server, network, or other system resides — on-prem or in the cloud — Cohesity provides automatic failover and orchestrated failback to the point of your choice.

  • Efficient failover – Cohesity SiteContinuity helps you design efficient failover strategies with a simple drag and drop GUI, and initiates a completely automated failover process in case of a failure
  • Near-zero application downtime and data loss – Automated failover and failback orchestration with Cohesity of a single application or an entire site ensures minimum data loss and downtime as business applications are rapidly recovered in a disaster scenario
  • Flexible recovery – Journal-based recovery helps you meet varying service levels across application tiers by restoring to any point in time — including days or even seconds before the disaster hit, on-prem or to a public cloud


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