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Cohesity Analytics Workbench

Supercharge and customize analytics to unlock the value of your secondary data

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Know More About the Data You Store

Data delivers insights that drive better decision making and help protect against threats and compliance violations. Draw insights from your secondary data the way that makes the most sense for your business using Cohesity Analytics Workbench for the greatest flexibility and peace of mind.

Native MapReduce Implementation

Quickly collect and process data across nodes in parallel, interacting directly with data stored in Cohesity DataPlatform and cracking open all non-binary files.

Pre-Built Applications

Detect passwords and patterns in secondary data while reducing TCO with video compression.

New Custom Applications

Using your own base Java ARchive (JAR) file, clone existing or inject custom code to create your own MapReduce process for the deeper understanding of data.

Analytics Information Hub

Use Cohesity Analytics Workbench to extend the native in-place analytics features of the Cohesity DataPlatform, so you easily find what you need in the data you have.

Fast Processing Without Migration

Efficiently and quickly process large datasets across a Cohesity Cluster--using pre-built or custom application code. Cohesity clusters make it possible for even the most complex MapReduce computations to run natively within the Cohesity DataPlatform, never requiring external computer or data migrations typical of other Hadoop-like analytics implementations.

Scheduling at Your Convenience

Schedule analytics jobs to execute at predefined intervals or one-time only. Prioritize Cohesity Analytics Workbench tasks in conjunction with other concurrent workloads using Cohesity’s built-in Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities or run tasks in the background.

Detailed Reports for Trend Analysis

Generate and access detailed storage, file-level, and virtual machine-level reports on the fly, removing the unnecessary complexity of having to deploy a separate business intelligence (BI) tool to extract information from data. Spot trends in your secondary data, improving decision making and informing future planning cycles.

Tailored Analytics

Only Cohesity Analytics Workbench capabilities let you build custom Apps from secondary data, delivering the specific reporting and analysis your organization requires.


Rely on rapid content analysis to find relevant case information for legal requests or holds.


Help meet EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) compliance requirements with cluster-wide content scans for names, phone numbers, and credit card information that may have been stored in clear text.

Threat Analysis

Log correlation across disparate packet capture solutions to identify potential threats or origin of a security breach.


Cohesity’s DataPlatform Analytics Workbench has MapReduce built in to run custom queries, as well as an integrated app store to save custom inquiries and workflows for tasks such as pattern matching.

Henry Baltazar, Research Director, Storage

Derive Intelligence from Raw Data in a Few Clicks.

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