Know more about the data you have

Use Cohesity Analytics Workbench to draw insights from your data and power your business.


Quickly process data across nodes in parallel, interacting directly with data stored in Cohesity DataPlatform.


Apps support critical use cases including eDiscovery, threat analysis, and compliance monitoring.


Create your own MapReduce process by using your own base Java Archive (JAR) file.

Analytics information hub

Extend the native in-place analytics features of DataPlatform to easily find what you need in the data you have.

Fast processing

Use pre-built or custom application code to efficiently process large datasets across a Cohesity cluster.

Convenient scheduling

Schedule analytics jobs to execute at predefined intervals or one-time only.

Trend analysis

Generate and access detailed storage, file-level, and virtual machine-level reports on the fly.

Tailored Analytics

Let us help you deliver the specific reporting and analysis your organization requires.


Rely on rapid content analysis to find relevant case information for legal requests or holds.


Meet GDPR and other PII compliance requirements with cluster-wide content.

Threat Analysis

Identify potential threats or the origin of a security breach via correlation across packet capture solutions.


Cohesity’s DataPlatform Analytics Workbench has MapReduce built in to run custom queries, as well as an integrated app store to save custom inquiries and workflows for tasks such as pattern matching.

Henry Baltazar, Research Director, Storage

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