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Cohesity DataPlatform

Consolidate secondary data and application silos on a unified web-scale platform

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Consolidate Your Secondary Data and Apps

Inspired by web-scale principles, Cohesity DataPlatform, a software-defined scale-out solution consolidates all your secondary workloads, including backup and recovery, files and objects, test/dev and analytics in a single, cloud-native solution.

Simplified Management

Manage and provision all your secondary data through a single pane of glass that spans from your core to the cloud with Cloud Edition and edges with Virtual Edition.

Flexible Architecture

Software-defined solution that easily responds to your changing business needs, on-premises or in any cloud.

Efficient Operation

Reduce your data footprint by consolidating multiple workloads on a single platform. Take advantage of true global dedupe, compression and erasure coding.

One Platform, Endless Possibilities

Now you can truly do more with less. Stop the data sprawl across multiple data silos by converging your secondary data on a single cloud-ready solution. Make your backup and unstructured data productive to accelerate application development and gain data insight to support business objects. Recover applications instantly by creating and running the clone of the backup VM directly from the Cohesity platform.

Web-scale distributed file system

Cohesity SpanFS, a distributed file system with simultaneous NFS, SMB and S3 protocols supports both sequential and random IOs to address all secondary data workloads.

Accelerate application development

Instantly provision zero-cost clones with Cohesity patented SnapTree to provision test/dev environments for application development. Eliminate unnecessary data copies with unlimited snaps on Coheity.

In-depth data insight

Harness the power of your data by gaining greater visibility into your data with Cohesity Analytics Workbench. Cohesity advanced data analytics helps you make informed decisions and meet complex compliance requirements head-on.

Web-Scale Simplicity for Cloud Era

Cohesity brings web-scale benefits first pioneered by hyperscalers like Google and Facebook to enterprises with DataPlatform, a software-defined solution. Simplify your secondary data management and achieve operational efficiency.

Software-defined model

Gain flexibility by extracting the value and intelligence in the software-layer and eliminate dependency on proprietary point appliances. Chose to run on your choice of certified appliances or software-only version for cloud and remote/edge locations.

Unlimited scalability

Start with as little as three nodes and grow limitlessly on-premises or in the cloud with a pay-as-you-grow model.

Non-disruptive upgrades

Always-on availability for business continuity. Easily expand your cluster or perform rolling upgrades with zero impact.

Automated global indexing

Choose automated global indexing powering Google-like search. This enables instant wildcard searches for any VM, file, or object ingested into the system.

Policy-based automation

Automate data services by assigning policies to individual jobs and applications based on your SLA requirements.

Software agnostic

Seamlessly integrate Cohesity DataPlatform as a scale-out dedupe target storage for your existing backup software.


Cohesity delivers scale-out file and object storage in a limitless, pay-as-you-grow model to address your data growth. No more comprehensive updates.

Reduce data footprint with compression

Multiple compression algorithms supported, including Gzip, Snappy and Zstandard.

Global deduplication within and across nodes

Global variable length dedupe across workloads and protocols throughout the cluster helps to reduce data footprint.

Quality of service

Eliminate noisy neighbor problems. Built-in policies allow you to optimize performance so you can use Cohesity simultaneously for files shares and large media, along with backups and archives.

Data Integrity for Modern Web-scale Environments

Guaranteed data resiliency with Cohesity’s fault-tolerant system that is designed to ensure data integrity under all conditions.

Guaranteed data resiliency

Avoid “file-not-found” errors with Cohesity DataPlatform. Powered by SpanFS, get guaranteed data resiliency with strict consistency at scale.

Two-node/two-disk failure tolerance support

Auto balance workloads and ensure smooth business continuity with web-scale resiliency.

Erasure coding and replication factor

Protection with flexibility and space efficiency with erasure coding 2:1, 4:2, and 5:2, and replication factor.

Cloud-Ready for Easy Deployment

Designed with the cloud in mind, Cohesity DataPlatform eliminates dependency on bolt-on cloud gateways. Gain easy and fast data and application mobility into leading public cloud providers with a cloud-native architecture. Take advantage of public clouds’ elasticity and economics with policy-based automation for archiving, tiering, and replication to the cloud.

Seamless public cloud compatibility

Easily extend to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud without installing or managing cloud gateways.

Native protocol access

Move your data seamlessly to the cloud and even access it within the cloud. Unlike traditional siloed solutions, no need to rely on bolt-on gateways or bring the data back on-prem to access it.

Policy-based, automated cloud archiving and tiering

Leverage public clouds’ elasticity for automated tiering, while streamlining and removing operational bottlenecks with legacy tape by archiving directly into the cloud.

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Software-defined platform for physical and virtual infrastructure

DataPlatform for Physical Infrastructure Data Platform for Virtualized Infrastructure
Supported Environment Cisco UCS, HPE Proliant and Apollo, Cohesity Hyperconverged nodes VMware vSphere
Number of Nodes 3 to unlimited scalability 3 to 24 nodes
Capacity Range 36TB to unlimited 24TB to 384TB
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Cohesity DataPlatform Editions

Capabilities DataPlatform Base DataPlatform Standard
Enterprise-class Storage
Unlimited Scalability (web-scale)
Heterogeneous Clusters
NFS, SMB, S3, Multi-protocol Support
Non-disruptive Software Upgrades
Non-disruptive Add/Remove Nodes/Blocks
Unlimited, Distributed Snaps
App, Infrastructure Test/Dev
User Quotas, Storage Quotas
Capacity Optimization
Global Variable-Length Dedupe
Unlimited Clones
Data Integrity
Data Resiliency w/ Strict Consistency
Two Node Failure Tolerance Support
Two Disk Failure Tolerance Support
Automated Data/App Mobility
Archive to Cloud/On-premises
Automated Data Tiering
Make Data Productive
Cohesity Native Apps (AWB)
Datalock – WORM for Security
Encryption AES-256 (In-flight / At-rest)
Global Active Management
Multi-cluster Single Sign-on
Multi-cluster Dashboard
Global Search Read Only Actionable
Support Automation
Global Pre-Built Reports
Global Customizable Reports
Global Policy
Orchestrated Cluster Upgrade
Long Term Retention of meta-data
Proactive Wellness
Capacity Prediction
What-if Analysis
Performance Balancing Recommendations
Supported Environments
Public Cloud
Physical (on certified appliances)
Supported Workloads
Backup Target
IOT Big Data
Video Surveillance
Healthcare Pacs
Hadoop and Splunk Cold Buckets
Backup and Recovery
Disaster Recovery
Home Directories
File Shares
Web-Scale NAS
Test and Development
Data Analytics

Unified Global Management

Your business depends on IT for success, yet managing a sprawling global infrastructure for data and applications makes it hard for IT to operate efficiently, mitigate risk, provide uninterrupted services, and deliver innovation. Cohesity Helios is a simple, smart, and proactive SaaS-based management solution, providing a single view and global management of all your secondary data and applications, spanning all locations—on-premises, cloud, and edge.

The Gorilla Guide to Hyperconverged Secondary Storage

Hyperconverged Secondary Storage (HCSS) converges all secondary storage into a single solution, integrating the management of what had been individual silos of storage. As a unified solution, HCSS can achieve capacity efficiency that’s impossible when storage is broken out into isolated solutions.

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Cohesity greatly simplified our data protection strategy for our virtualized environment with a simplified all-in-one solution, said. Instead of having to separately manage backup applications, media server and targets, Cohesity provides an easy-to-use solution that consolidates our backup environment, as well as, can be used for other secondary storage applications in the future.

James Oryszczyn, Director of Security & Network Services, Quarles & Brady LLP


We had an immense storage requirement. Aside from the ease of use, administration, and integration in the environment, you’re working with a company dedicated to your success.

Eirik Toft, Systems Administrator, XO Communications, a Verizon company

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As a global technology solutions provider, we like to stay ahead of the technology curve. We saw clear value in adopting Cohesity to consolidate and simplify our secondary storage infrastructure. Cohesity allows us to consolidate data protection and file storage, while providing simple integration with the public cloud for long-term archival.

Brian Sweeney, Principal Engineer, Manhattan Associates

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