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Cohesity DataPlatform Virtual Edition

Bring the Power of Web-Scale Simplicity to the Remote Office and Edge

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Core Power for the Edge

Cohesity DataPlatform Virtual Edition brings the benefits of your core data center to the remote and branch office locations by consolidating secondary workloads on a single virtual appliance.

Fast Deployment

Deploy quickly as a virtual appliance on your existing VMware vSphere environment without dependency on any additional hardware.

Simple Management

Consolidate your secondary data including backup, recovery, files and objects, test/dev and analytics on one solution with a single, easy to navigate UI.

Improved Agility

Move your data easily between your edge and core data center or directly into the public cloud. Take advantage of policy-based automation to streamline data mobility.

Bring Data Center Benefits to the Edge

Branch offices have the same needs as your core data center but with limited IT resources. Don’t let your infrastructure get in the way. Modernize your secondary data management for remote and branch offices using the same simple UI, APIs, and policy-driven automation you use everywhere else in your enterprise with Cohesity DataPlatform Virtual Edition.

Software-defined model

Gain flexibility and eliminate the need to manage multiple point solutions for your secondary data. Extract the value and intelligence to the software-layer.

Non-disruptive upgrades

Always-on availability for business continuity. Easily deploy and manage your remote cluster without relying on dedicated resources.

Policy-based automation

Automate data services by assigning policies to individual jobs and applications based on your SLA requirements.


Gain operational efficiency in multiple ways. Consolidate your secondary workloads and eliminate unnecessary data copies for test/dev and analytics. Further reduce your data footprint with enterprise-class data reduction and protection functions.

Distributed file system

Cohesity SpanFS, a distributed file system with NFS, SMB and S3 interface supports both sequential and random IOs to address all secondary data workloads in the edge.

Accelerate application development

Support your app dev team with relevant data. Streamline data consolidation from your edge to the core and cloud on a single platform.

In-depth data insight

Harness the power of your data by gaining greater visibility into your data with Cohesity Analytics Workbench. Cohesity advanced data analytics helps you make informed decisions and meet complex compliance requirements head-on.

Guaranteed data resiliency

Avoid “file-not-found” errors with Cohesity DataPlatform. Powered by SpanFS, get guaranteed data resiliency with strict consistency.

Global deduplication within and across nodes

Global variable length dedupe across workloads and protocols throughout the cluster helps to reduce data footprint.

Fast indexing and search

Choose automated global indexing powering Google-like search. This enables instant wildcard searches for any VM, file, or object ingested into the system.

Integrate with Any Cloud

Designed with cloud in mind, Cohesity DataPlatform Virtual Edition natively communicates with your private or public cloud. Keep your edge data safe and make it productive with easy and fast app and data mobility to the location of your choice.

Seamless cloud compatibility

Easily extend to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud or your private cloud without installing or managing cloud gateways. Learn more about our cloud integration.

Native protocol access

Move your data seamlessly to the cloud and even access it within the cloud. Unlike traditional siloed solutions, no need to rely on bolt-on gateways or bring the data back on-prem to access it.

Policy-based, automated archiving and tiering

Safeguard your data and move archived and tiered data to another location while removing operational bottlenecks and dependency on legacy tapes.

Ready to Simplify Your Edge Infrastructure?

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