Cohesity DataPlatform

Consolidate your backups, file shares, object stores and data for dev/test and analytics on a web-scale data management platform.

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Simplicity Through a Software-defined Solution

Single web-scale solution for on-premises, edge, and in the public cloud.

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Simplified Management

See and control your data across all locations and workloads from a single user interface.

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Flexible Architecture

Rapidly address your evolving business requirements with a software-defined solution.

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Efficient Operation

Reduce your data footprint with global variable-length deduplication, compression, and erasure coding.

For Customers, Simplicity Has Tangible Results

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98 %

Faster recovery

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95 %

Time savings

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50 %

Lower maintenance costs

Eliminate Unnecessary Data Silos

Based on a unique distributed file system, Cohesity's DataPlatform consolidates backup data, files, and objects with best-in-class space efficiency and zero-cost copies.

One Platform, Endless Possibilities

Stop data sprawl and solve mass data fragmentation by consolidating data on a single platform. Make your backup and unstructured data productive for rapid app development, compliance, security, and analytics.

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Multiprotocol Support

Uniquely manage multiple workloads with NFS, SMB, and S3 support, and sequential and random IOs on SpanFS.

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Accelerated Development

Instantly provision zero-cost clones for dev/test and release higher-quality apps—faster. Eliminate unnecessary data copies and infrastructure.

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Run Applications

Meet compliance, security, and analytics requirements by running Cohesity and 3rd party apps on DataPlatform.

Web-scale Simplicity for Modern IT

Simplify your data management and achieve operational efficiency with a web-scale solution.

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One software to run on your choice of certified appliances or the public cloud and remote/edge sites

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Multi-cluster Management

Roll out policies, make upgrades, and actively manage all locations and clusters from a single dashboard.

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Unlimited Scalability

Grow your cluster limitlessly on-premises or in the cloud with a flexible pay-as-you-grow model.

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Non-disruptive Upgrades

Easily expand your cluster or perform rolling upgrades with zero impact or downtime.

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Fast Search

Unique global actionable search across all workloads and locations from a single UI.

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Meet SLA

Automate by assigning policies to individual jobs and applications based on your SLA requirements.

Best-in-Class Space Efficiency

Maximize your cluster capacity on-premises, in the edge and the public clouds, and reduce cost.

Space efficiency
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Multiple Compression Algorithms

Choose between multiple compression algorithms, including Gzip, Snappy, and Zstandard.

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Space Efficiency

Industry leading space efficiency with global variable length deduplication across workloads and protocols.

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Workload Consolidation

Eliminate the need for unnecessary data copies to support multiple workloads.

Data Integrity for Today’s Environments

Be confident. Cohesity’s fault-tolerant system ensures data integrity under all conditions.

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Guaranteed Data Consistency

Avoid “file-not-found” errors. Powered by SpanFS, DataPlatform offers strict consistency at scale.

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Failure Tolerance Support

Two-node/three-disk, an entire chassis or rack failure tolerance support to ensure smooth business continuity.

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Protect your data with flexibility and space efficiency with erasure coding and replication factor.

Easy Cloud Deployment

Simple and fast data and apps mobility into the public cloud of your choice.

Cloud providers
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Public Cloud Compatibility

Easily extend to AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, without a cloud gateways.

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Native Protocol Access

Simplified data mobility and access in the public cloud without bringing it back on-prem.

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Streamline Operations

Modernize your long-term retention by automatically archiving data into the public cloud.


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