Secure, manage, and extract more value from your data

From NAS to Windows, Linux, and Unix, simplify protection and accelerate ransomware recovery with a unified data security and management platform, available as self-managed software and SaaS.

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NAS workloads

Safeguard your unstructured data on NAS systems from NetApp, Dell EMC, Pure Storage, IBM, and more. Get enterprise protection, AI-powered ransomware detection, and instant recovery from any point in time.

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Windows servers and applications

Simplify protection by consolidating your critical Windows workloads. Rapidly recover files, virtual machines, e-mails, databases, and more with powerful security features to thwart cyber attacks and outages. Optimize management with seamless integration for your most important Windows applications.



Simplify and accelerate backup and recovery of enterprise workloads across on-premises and cloud with a secured unified platform for data resilience.

DataProtect Delivered as a Service

Protect your critical SaaS, cloud-native, and on-premises data sources with an enterprise-class cloud backup service.

Cohesity Data Cloud

A cloud data management platform for securing and managing enterprise data no matter where it lives.

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3 reasons to move to modern backup as a service

Modernize your data management approach and keep your business resilient with backup as a service. It’s the smart way to save, simplify, and secure your data.


We were never able to back up one of our native Windows file servers in under 12 hours. With Cohesity, that data is now replicated and moved to our remote site within three hours.”

Rocco Amico

Senior Technical Consultant, Desjardins

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Cohesity’s backup-as-a-service offering enables us to protect our valuable user data without having to purchase a lot of extra storage infrastructure upfront. Since we didn’t need to procure any hardware, we were up and running on the Cohesity BaaS offering within an hour."

Jake Parham

IT Manager, St. Johns County Sheriff's Office

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After the ransomware attack, Cohesity really saved us. We were able to quickly restore critical servers from Cohesity backups on AWS. Teachers taught online classes the very next day as usual, and we didn’t miss payroll."

Bobby LaFleur

Director of Application Support, Spring Independent School District

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It would take our team a day and a half to restore all of the major servers requested by the auditors, and then document everything to create an audit trail.With Cohesity, it takes just a few minutes to create a clone, start the servers, take all of the snapshots, and document the test. The entire process is now done in just a few hours."

Shawn Robertson, Acceptance Insurance

Shawn Robertson

Platform Manager, Acceptance Insurance

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Since deploying Cohesity’s scalable backup and recovery solution, WestLotto has shrunk the recovery time for a mission-critical gaming transaction server from over 24 hours to a little more than 15 minutes."

Analyst reports

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Cohesity named a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions


Cohesity named a leader in the Forrester WaveTM: Data Resilience Solution Suites, Q4 2022

Learn more about physical workloads backup

Physical server backup is the process of protecting and securing data from physical servers—such as Windows, Linux, and Unix—so you can recover from outages or leverage backups for development, testing, or analytics.

A physical server backup solution will protect users’ data and a broad range of enterprise applications, and enable recovery anywhere, anytime. A good physical server backup solution should help meet your organization’s data retention, data privacy, and business requirements cost- effectively while making it quick and easy to access backups for recovery and secondary purposes.

Today’s enterprises deploy and manage physical servers running Windows, Linux, Unix, and other operating systems across many locations to support their most critical business functions. This makes choosing the right physical server backup solution critical. The goal is to protect physical servers from data loss and long-term outages, which can incur significant financial and productivity costs.

A cost-effective and reliable backup and recovery solution for physical servers is even more important because enterprises face many data challenges, including:

  • Data growth: Growing volumes of data increase the complexity and cost of backup and recovery for physical servers.
  • Regulatory changes: Ever-changing compliance mandates like HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI make Microsoft physical servers backups considerably more complex.
  • Increasing costs: The more data organizations have, the more the business has to pay for bandwidth, storage, and data management.
  • Slow backups and restores: As data grows, backups and restores take longer to complete, and performance can degrade significantly.
  • More complex environments: Enterprise businesses store and access data across many locations, including on-prem, edge, and cloud, complicating the management, security, and protection of data across all these environments.
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Solution Brief
Modernize Data Management for your Microsoft Apps and Hybrid Cloud
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Solution Brief
Improve Your Cyber Resilience
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From ransomware to resiliency: How IT leaders kept their businesses running with modern data security and management
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Amplify your ransomware defenses: protect, detect, and recover
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