NAS Workloads

Simplify and protect all workloads, all the time.

Legacy Approaches Aren’t Cutting It

Legacy, siloed backup and recovery products aren’t able to keep up with the exponential growth of unstructured data. Cohesity DataProtect offers a web-scale, hyperconverged solution that delivers fast and flexible backup and recovery for primary NAS storage.

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Agentless, Policy-based Backup

Back up on-premises or in the cloud with policy-based, volume-level backup.

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Always Available

Get rapid, granular file-level recovery with fully hydrated snapshots.

Fast Discovery

Auto indexing enables wildcard search for quick data discovery anywhere.

Get More Value from Your Data

Eliminate unnecessary data copies by making your backup data productive for other workloads, including dev/test, compliance, and security.

  • Faster development
  • Run applications
  • Smaller storage footprint
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Easy Cloud Integration

Take advantage of public cloud elasticity and economics with our cloud-first design. Use your preferred public cloud provider for LTR. Move colder data to the cloud with policy-based tiering. Replicate data to a Cohesity cluster running in the public cloud for disaster recovery.

DataPlatform and Cloud providers

Simplified Data Protection and Recovery


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