Simplified protection. Rapid recovery. Unlimited scale.

Cohesity DataProtect delivers the most comprehensive backup with integrated protection and instant recovery for your business-critical NAS workloads from NetApp, Dell EMC, Pure, IBM, and more.

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Simplicity with no trade-offs

Protect your NAS data anywhere, on-premises or in the cloud, with agentless backups and granular file-level restores of SMB/CIFS and NFS data. Reduce your data footprint and gain up to 96x storage efficiency with global deduplication and compression.

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Security without compromise

Safeguard your NAS data from cyber threats and outages with unlimited immutable protection and flexibility to isolate, archive, and replicate to the cloud. Detect ransomware and cyber threats with AI-powered insights. Recover instantly to maximize productivity.

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Scalability with no limits

Instantly recover your NAS data at scale and reduce RPO to just minutes to exceed recovery SLAs. Rapidly spin up mass copies of data for development and testing without impacting your production NAS systems.

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Use cases

Ransomware recovery

Bounce back from cyberattacks and other disasters effortlessly. Reduce downtime and refuse the ransom with fast file-level recovery to any location from a unified UI.

Backup as a service

Consolidate your NAS data with unified management across on-prem, edge, and cloud instances. Optimize costs with predictable pricing and simplified SaaS backup and recovery for your NAS data.

Business continuity and disaster recovery

Reduce operational complexity and maximize application availability with automated DR and failback for all your mission-critical NAS workloads.

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3 reasons to move to modern backup as a service

Modernize your data management approach and keep your business resilient with backup as a service. It’s the smart way to save, simplify, and secure your data.

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The importance of using the same vendor for our backup and file and object services can’t be understated. By offering a complete and powerful solution for both environments, Cohesity significantly improves our ability to protect and secure our valuable data, simplifies system management, and streamlines ongoing support.”


Senior Systems Engineer, Large US Credit Union

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Cohesity is unique in that it plugs into all of our automation products and integrates seamlessly with our backup and NAS strategies, increasing our efficiency and unifying our environment."

Matthew Dartez

Director of DevOps and Infrastructure, Kyriba

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Our organization suffered a critical ransomware attack, effectively crippling our entire infrastructure. With Cohesity, we’ve been able to recover machines and file shares, verify they’re clean, and bring the applications back online. Cohesity has literally saved us hundreds of hours of work and I’d say it prevented us from having to actually pay the ransom note. We all still have jobs and the community has a functional hospital because we have had so much success with Cohesity.

Naidu Annamaneni

CIO and VP of Global IT, Sky Lakes Medical Center

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Not only did Cohesity have a product feature mix that met our requirements, we quickly realized the additional capability Cohesity provides would be a gamechanger. It met our requirements for backup but could also supplement our DR strategy and was capable of managing very large volumes of files seamlessly while providing instant searchability.

Hugo Evans

IT Platforms and Security Manager, Sparke Helmore Lawyers

Pilot Logistics

We had a timeline of three years to modernize file services, backup and cloud archiving, and we completed them all within a year with Cohesity. Our total cost of ownership is less than zero for Cohesity—in employee time as well as space and tape archiving cuts. I've been nothing but happy with Cohesity."

Michael Hankins

IT Infrastructure Manager, Pilot Thomas Logistics

Analyst reports

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Cohesity Named a Leader for Enterprise Backup and Recovery

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Cohesity Named a Leader for Protecting and Recovering Data in the Cloud Era

Commonly asked NAS backup and recovery questions

NAS backup and recovery is the process of protecting and securing unstructured file data from NAS systems so you can recover from outages or leverage backups for development, testing, or analytics.

A NAS backup and recovery solution will protect users’ SMB/CIFS and NFS file data and a broad range of enterprise applications, and enable recovery anywhere, anytime. A good NAS backup and recovery solution should help meet your organization’s data retention, data privacy, and business requirements cost-effectively while making it quick and easy to access backups for recovery and secondary purposes.

Since almost 90% of all enterprise data is unstructured, enterprises deploy and manage NAS systems across many locations to support their most critical business functions. This makes choosing the right NAS backup and recovery solution critical. The goal is to protect file data from loss and long-term outages, both of which can incur significant financial and productivity costs.

A cost-effective and reliable backup and recovery solution for NAS is even more important because enterprises face many data challenges, including:

  • Data growth: Growing volumes of data increase the complexity and cost of backup and recovery for NAS data.
  • Regulatory changes: Ever-changing compliance mandates like HIPAA, GDPR, and PCI make NAS data protection considerably more complex.
  • Increasing costs: The more data organizations have, the more the business has to pay for bandwidth, storage, and data management.
  • Slow backups and restores: As data grows, backups and restores take longer to complete, and performance can degrade significantly.
  • More complex environments: Enterprise businesses store and access data across many locations, including on-prem, edge, and cloud, complicating the management, security, and protection of data across all these environments.
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