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Public cloud expansion will continue to see double digit growth over the next five years according to IDC. Your organization is likely already taking advantage of its ease and flexibility. But without proper management, data will continue to fragment and your processes will become even more inefficient.

Cohesity DataPlatform is a modern architecture designed to be cloud-first. Native integration with Google Cloud helps you take advantage of the scalability and cost effectiveness of Google Cloud for multiple use cases, all while staying in control of your secondary data.

Long-Term Retention in Google Cloud

Archive backup data to the Google Cloud for long-term retention. Benefit from indexing of data for fast retrieval and search back to on-premises from the cloud.

Storage Tiering in Google Cloud

Utilize policy-based thresholds to move cold data to the Google cloud. Leverage Google blob storage as another tier. Tier data back to an on-premises cluster.

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