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Guaranteed Capacity Efficiency: Announcing the Less-Is-More Guarantee

By Srini Sekaran • June 24, 2020

Accounting for more than 80 percent of all data generated, unstructured data management has moved away from an esoteric discussion within a few verticals such as healthcare, oil and gas, and entertainment. As the amount of unstructured data balloons, every industry requires a cost-effective way to store and manage their data. Scale-out NAS has been the traditional answer.

Changes in Unstructured Data Demands

While scale-out NAS addresses the shortcomings of scale-up solutions, the way unstructured data is viewed in an enterprise has changed in the last few years. First, machine-generated data increasingly accounts for the majority of all data under management. Second, unstructured data is no longer stored just for record-keeping. Data is stored for monetization, for competitive advantage, and for making decisions. In other words, a return on investment isn’t a nice-to-have—it’s expected.

Traditional NAS products, however, have failed to provide solutions for this newer context. They treat files and objects as different silos of data and provide no insight into the data stored, effectively creating a digital swamp. A modern file and object storage solution has to provide performance variability and manage data more efficiently.

The Four Principles for Data Reduction

Cohesity SmartFiles provides a software-defined solution for files and objects that converges silos. You now have the ability to run antivirus, file audit, and analytics directly on your data. SmartFiles allows you to do more with your data on less, giving you more visibility into files and objects you rely on and automatically tiering cold data. And it’s built around the four principles of data reduction. Make no mistake, data reduction is not synonymous with generic deduplication. SmartFiles changes the economics of file and object storage by providing:

  • Variable-length deduplication
  • Cross-volume deduplication
  • Data compression
  • Small file capacity optimization

By strictly adhering to these principles, Cohesity SmartFiles is the industry leader in capacity efficiency. And we’re guaranteeing it.

The Less-Is-More Guarantee

Today, we’re announcing the SmartFiles Less-Is-More Guarantee, with an assurance that SmartFiles will provide the most capacity-efficient scale-out file and object storage in the market.

Less-Is-More isn’t just another data deduplication ratio claim—it’s a guarantee. We’ll pay the difference if you don’t experience greater space savings, with a credit for every gigabyte that falls short.

SmartFiles provides dramatic capacity efficiency that goes beyond deduplication by following all four principles of data reduction, resulting in significant cost savings. Cohesity guarantees that you can store more file data in the same usable disk space and directly reduce your total cost of ownership—better than anyone else in the market. We don’t just believe you can do more with less. We guarantee it.

Read more about the guarantee and find out how you can optimize your capacity efficiency.