Bringing Smartphone Simplicity to Secondary Data and Apps

The smartphone ushered in a new era of productivity and information sharing by consolidating many devices into one hyperconverged platform, with a single intuitive UI, that runs a wealth of new apps.

Cohesity is applying these same disruptive principles to data that lives in the secondary realm, by consolidating today’s complex, siloed infrastructure onto a single software platform, with a single intuitive GUI, able to run new apps. Now you can eliminate mass data fragmentation. And protect, manage and leverage your most important digital asset.

The New Requirements

Data is no longer confined to the data center. It’s massively fragmented in millions of disconnected islands, clouds, remote offices and edge locations, and trapped inside siloed infrastructure that is incapable of serving today’s digital businesses.

Enterprises need a new approach. A way to eliminate mass data fragmentation, so IT can dramatically improve productivity and enable their businesses to become more competitive and data-centric.

Bring Compute to Data

The majority of data will reside outside the data center, in billions of IoT sensors, vehicles and mobile devices. This will require bringing apps to the data vs moving the data centrally.


To cope with growth, data infrastructure should reduce manual effort by running autonomously under policy control, and adapt to changing conditions as needed

Hybrid Cloud Ready

Enterprises are looking to combine the ‘best of both worlds’ from public and private cloud models to transform their operations into a cloud-like service.

Google-like Search

Enable fast, easy Google-like search and location of any item across the entire data estate including clouds, using indexing and metadata

Global Visibility and Control

As data and apps proliferate, IT will need insight and control across a global landscape, with a unified dashboard for monitoring and reporting.

App Ecosystem

Platform capabilities should be extensible with an API approach to support app development for 3rd party or enterprise developers.

The Gorilla Guide to Hyperconverged Secondary Storage

Hyperconverged Secondary Storage (HCSS) converges all secondary storage into a single solution, integrating the management of what had been individual silos of storage. As a unified solution, HCSS can achieve capacity efficiency that’s impossible when storage is broken out into isolated solutions.

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The Cohesity platform has given me a quicker way to recover entire virtual machines without disrupting the running system.

Ben Gent, Global Cloud Architect, Tribune Media

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