The world has made some massive shifts in the past few weeks. We are seeing staggering numbers of people start working from home. Routines have been greatly disrupted. Everything from social nights out, to working out, cooking or eating out, and even now becoming teachers to their children. For many of us, the shift to working from home is not the challenge, but the change in routine certainly is.

The Technical Advocacy Group at Cohesity is generally known for our team’s individual connections to many communities both technical and non-technical. We have a team of people that spans many different walks of life and connections. While our normal charter is to be out in front of people, our routine has changed.  Like many, we cannot travel right now, and we have to come up with creative ways to bring people together.

So, we’re starting a new Cohesity weekly live interview series called “The Human Factor.”  

When:  Every Thursday, 11:00am Eastern beginning April 9, 2020

Where:  Zoom

Who:  Anyone!

How: Register Here

Format: A host from the Technical Advocacy Group and that week’s guest. You will not need to register for each week’s segment, simply register once and join the ones you are interested in. We will do Q&A via the chat window and the two hosts will be sure to have video on. Other participant video will be off by default and will be muted. A few examples of guests and topics are as follows, in no particular order.  Follow @Cohesity on social media for week to week updates on who the next guest and topic is.

Interviewer Interviewee Topic
Chris Colotti Mark Briggs Fitness/nutrition at home and keeping friendships healthy
Theresa Miller   Phoummala Schmitt   Managing family and WFH, when everyone is online remote even schools    
Chris Colotti Tracy Soloman Being a small biz owner and managing sales and employee well being
Theresa Miller Michael Bender Ways to interact and stay connected socially remotely

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