"As we looked at our overall IT environment and existing storage solutions, we realized not only the cost benefits Cohesity could provide Beam Suntory by consolidating outsourced backup services, but also the enormous benefits of file service capabilities to enable a reliable and efficient hyperconverged secondary data solution. Beam Suntory manages a large portfolio of leading beverage brands worldwide, and we now have the storage infrastructure to efficiently manage and protect a wealth of corporate assets, from instantly accessing large image files to restoring any lost data within minutes."

Rujan Dawadi, Server, Storage & Database Services Manager, IT Systems Administrator,


Beam Suntory, Inc. is a subsidiary of Suntory Holdings of Osaka, Japan. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Beam Suntory is the third largest producer of distilled beverages worldwide. The company dates back to 1795 when Jacob Beam began selling barrels of whisky and years later in 1899 when Shinjiro Torrii would produce Japan’s first whisky.

Much has changed and grown since the early beginnings. After Suntory Holdings acquired Beam Inc. in 2014, their combined portfolio includes notable and award-winning: bourbons, whiskies, tequilas, rums, vodkas, cognac, cordials, gins, as well as ready-to-drink pre-mixed cocktails. Recognizable and iconic brands include Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark bourbon brands and Suntory whisky Kakubin, as well as world renowned premium brands including Knob Creek bourbon, Yamazaki, Hakushu and Hibiki Japanese whiskies, Teacher’s, Laphroaig, and Bowmore Scotch whiskies, Canadian Club whisky, Courvoisier cognac, Hornitos and Sauza tequila, EFFEN and Pinnacle vodka, Sipsmith gin, and Midori liqueur.


The corporate brand is important to all organizations but is especially critical if the company operates in hundreds of countries, and owns over 300 products. Beam Suntory crafts some of the world’s best-known premium global brands, and manages an immeasurable number of branding assets. The IT organization at Beam Suntory needed to take a look at storage solutions to better ensure easy collaboration within the branding team, maintain brand consistency, and protect the branding assets, including a vast number of images and video files. In addition, the IT organization at Beam Suntory wanted to modernize its storage infrastructure, including data protection without migrating to yet another siloed environment.

The decision making for the next secondary data solution was guided by the following criteria

  • Easy scalability to future-proof an investment
  • Simple to deploy and manage
  • Built-in data protection and resiliency to avoid silos
  • Reliable enterprise support

“Our goal was to make IT invisible for the brand team, while keeping it simple for us,” said Dawadi, when asked how he would measure the success of the implementation.


After conducting thorough research, including both modern and legacy solutions, the IT team at Beam Suntory selected to deploy Cohesity as its next scale-out storage solution, and chose Nutanix and Pure Storage for the primary storage solution. Cohesity won out over other solutions for its native file share functionality and simple user interface. As the IT team started using additional capabilities from the Cohesity platform, the company was impressed with the level of technical support they received from Cohesity. Integration with Nutanix and Pure was seamless and provided an end-to-end storage infrastructure.

Beam Suntory deployed Cohesity C2500 hyperconverged nodes across its environment, and consolidated file services and data protection onto a single, web-scale platform. With Cohesity’s scale-out, pay-as-you-grow model, the IT team started with the capacity it needed to address current business requirements with the ability to easily introduce new nodes into the storage cluster as mandated down the road.


Cohesity helped Rujan Dawadi and team to successfully make IT invisible to the design organization. The solution benefits included:

  • Simplified infrastructure: Instead of multiple point solutions for file services and data protection, the company consolidated both workloads on Cohesity. With a single UI, the team streamlined and simplified operations.
  • Fast and easy access to the data: Because all data is now on-prem, the branding and marketing teams can quickly access files. In an event a file is corrupted, the IT team leverages Cohesity’s Google-like wildcard search capabilities to locate and restore files instantly, critical for the company when up against tight deadlines.
  • Online upgrades: The company is no longer impacted by scheduled outages, as the IT team implements rolling upgrades and can now conduct maintenance on a cluster without bring it offline.
  • Lower TCO: With simple manageability, software-defined architecture, easy scalability and lower upfront CapEx, Beam Suntory reduced overall TCO and increased operational efficiency across the board.


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