Manhattan Associates Consolidates and Simplifies Data Protection and Files

Company eliminates secondary data silos with scale-out solution that seamlessly extends to public cloud.

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At a Glance

Cohesity helps Manhattan Associates achieve operational efficiency, embrace cloud and lower TCO.


IT recognized adding features to the company's existing environment to support virtual-machine level backups had become cost prohibitive.


Cohesity's web-scale solution consolidates data protection and file storage, while providing simple integration with AWS for archival.


More efficient, pay-as-you-go protection has enabled IT to improve client service, upgrading and expanding without disruption—all without specialized training.


Founded in 1990, Manhattan Associates, Inc. builds technology solutions that solve the most complex business problems in supply chain, inventory and omnichannel commerce. The company unites information across the enterprise, converging front-end sales with back-end supply chain execution.


Until recently, Manhattan Associates had used a traditional secondary storage solution to manage its large and rapidly expanding data footprint of ~1PB. Designed for traditional workflows, the company’s IT team realized it had become cost prohibitive to add features to its existing environment to support its virtual machine (VM) level backups. Like most traditional storage options, the existing solution did not scale-out linearly, and complicated the environment by creating silos.

While considering its new solution, the team wanted the following:

  • A solution that would consolidate data protection and file storage with NFS and SMB support
  • Native integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for long-term archival
  • A simple user and management interface
  • Scale-out capabilities that support a pay-as-you-grow model


After careful consideration that included a proof of concept, the team decided to replace its legacy environment with Cohesity, a web-scale hyperconverged secondary storage solution that consolidates data protection and file storage, while providing simple integration with AWS for long-term archival.

Cloud is an essential element of Manhattan Associates’ IT infrastructure. With Cohesity CloudTier, the company can use the Cohesity platform to provision NFS datastores while moving inactive cold VMs to AWS S3 and still keep them always available to the users. Manhattan also leverages Cohesity CloudArchive for long-term archival to Amazon Glacier, eliminating the company’s dependence on tapes. The data in the cloud is deduplicated and compressed for storage efficiency in the cloud. With Cohesity’s scale-out architecture, the team was able to start small and grow its Cohesity environment on the go, yet keep it unified and simple.

As a global technology solutions provider, we like to stay ahead of the technology curve. We saw clear value in adopting Cohesity to consolidate and simplify our secondary storage infrastructure. Cohesity allows us to consolidate data protection and file storage, while providing simple integration with the public cloud for long-term archival.

—Brian Sweeney, Principal Engineer, Manhattan Associates


Cohesity allowed the Manhattan Associates IT team to achieve operational efficiency and lower TCO. With Cohesity

  • Manhattan Associates can easily and efficiently protect its VMs, which improves client service.
  • The IT team is now able to do its own upgrades, updates and capacity expansions without disruption.
  • Faster backup windows enable the team to spend less time troubleshooting.
  • Upfront CapEx is reduced by using commodity hardware that is configured optimally for Cohesity.
  • On-going OpEx is reduced through the use of a single solution that combines backup software, target storage, scale-out file storage and cloud integration.
  • The team eliminated the need to invest time in specialized training, and has increased its operator-to-device ratio.
  • Budget was optimized by leveraging a scale-out, pay-as-you-grow model.

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