Minimize the Blast Radius of Ransomware

Cohesity announces new governance and detection, data isolation, and disaster recovery SaaS services.

New Ransomware Solutions Announced at Cohesity Connect

Two new SaaS offerings, Cohesity DataGovern and Project Fort Knox, are key additions to Cohesity’s Threat Defense architecture to help customers thwart ransomware and other cyber threats. The general availability of Cohesity’s disaster recovery as a service offering was also announced at the inaugural user conference, Cohesity Connect.
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Recover Clean Data Fast

Get a broad set of capabilities from backup immutability, Instant Mass Restore, vulnerability scanning, and more to ensure you can recover from an attack quickly while reducing the risks of reinfection.

Multiple deployment models with self-managed software or backup as a service or new disaster recovery as a service give you options that best match your business.

recover data

A Modern Architecture for Data Security

Cohesity’s Threat Defense architecture brings together a range of platform, product, and ecosystem capabilities to deliver data resiliency, strict access controls, and AI and ML-based detection and analytics to help businesses identify, protect, and recover their data in event of a disaster or cyberattack.

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