Continuous Data Protection

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What Is Continuous Data Protection?

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) is a technique to back up application data in near-real-time. Each time a change is made in the data in the primary environment, the change is observed and replicated in the backup copy, ensuring that the replica is faithful to the original all the time. The technique is also known as continuous backup or real-time backup.

Why Is Continuous Data Protection Important?

Continuous data protection is critical to protecting always-on applications. In each business, there are applications that are considered mission-critical and cannot afford to go down even for brief periods. Continuous data protection ensures that in the case of an unforeseen event, failure, attack, or outage, the backed up copy of application data is served up instantly to keep operations running. It can also be used as a proxy for real-time data in testing and development of new applications and features. 

Key benefits of robust continuous data protection include:

    • Achieving business SLAs
    • Achieving RPOs
    • Preventing the payment of ransomware 
    • Making backup data productive for developers

Cohesity Is the Expert on Continuous Data Protection

Cohesity continuous data protection allows you to recover all of your mission-critical applications from any point in time, as close as seconds before a disaster strikes. Not only does this help you recover in near-real-time, it keeps your mission critical applications operational.  

There are many reasons for your organization to embrace continuous data protection from Cohesity, including: 

    • Achieving near-zero recovery point objectives (RPOs) and restoring the latest version of your data (or recovering data from any other point in time)
    • Making your backup data a high-fidelity copy of your primary data, providing the added value of serving as a real-time data repository for your developers 
    • A unified policy engine for all your data protection – from snapshot-based periodic backups to disaster recovery orchestration to ransomware recovery protocols
    • The ability to protect data loss against human errors, data and application corruption, a software bug, or cyberattacks
    • Journal-based recovery that allows you to recover data to any point in time


    • Continuous Data Protection
      Keep your mission-critical apps always on.
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    • Zero-RPO for VMs
      Deliver on the most stringent SLAs with Continuous Data Protection
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    • Enterprise-Class Data Resiliency
      Continuous data protection, simplified
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