Microsoft Exchange Database Backup & Recovery

Simplify granular Microsoft Exchange object recovery.

Microsoft exchange backup made easier

Exchange Server backup and recovery traditionally can be time-consuming. With Cohesity DataProtect and Ontrack Power Controls for Exchange, you eliminate the need for full restores, and can meet low recovery time objectives.

Easy Mailbox Item Restore

Perform granular search and restoration of mailboxes, messages, attachments, and other items without doing a full restore.

Time-Saving Recovery

Recover individual objects quickly from large data sets. Deliver granular recovery with DataProtect and Ontrack PowerControls.

Better operational efficiency

Replace data protection silos with one solution for backup, recovery, replication, cloud tiering, archiving, and target storage.

Protection, compliance and insight

With Cohesity, you can stay in control of your Microsoft Exchange backup files, including making sure personally identifiable information is treated appropriately.

Analytics-driven decisions

Understand trends in storage use, reclaim unused resources, and create the summary or detailed reports with the click of a button.

Wide Support

Cohesity works with Exchange Server 2010 SP3 and 2013, and Exchange Server 2016 for VMware guest.

Compliance and protection

Protect all of your Microsoft Exchange data and streamline compliance with stringent data protection policies.

Cloud integration

Get all of the advantages of cloud cost and scale by using Cohesity products with your cloud-based or hybrid infrastructure.

Leading Cloud Integration

Cohesity products work well with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, eliminating the need for backup software and other ancillary backup infrastructure.

Lower TCO

Scale-out infinitely, yet pay-as-you grow, simply adding nodes to a cluster with no downtime.

Office 365 Integration

Effortless, comprehensive backup, recovery and data management for your Office 365 suite.


Our goal was to build a highly efficient and agile IT infrastructure that quickly adapts to evolving business requirements. By leveraging Cohesity’s software-defined hyperconverged platform for data management, we substantially enhanced our operational capabilities at AutoNation, improved reliability, and lowered our TCO.

Adam Rasner, Head of IT and Operations

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