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Simplified Protection for SAP HANA

SAP HANA and S/4HANA are at the core of your digital transformation. Protect HANA’s data with Cohesity’s DataPlatform, whether you are running in the cloud or on premises.

Seamlessly integrate with SAP HANA

Cohesity provides a SAP certified integration into SAP HANA, which is based on a native implementation of the HANA Backint API. You can continue to use your existing SAP workflows and tools including SAP HANA studio, DBA cockpit or hdpsql.

Protect your data

Protect against logical errors or data loss caused by hardware failures of HANA’s persistent storage layer, and restore to the last state of the database or to any point in time.

Accelerate backups and restores

Directly access the HANA database via a fast pipe, multi-streamed across nodes, to send backups straight to Cohesity.

Enhance security and resilience

Encrypt SAP HANA backups in transit and at rest to enhance data security. Enhance data integrity with two-node / two disk fault tolerance, strict consistency, erasure coding and replication factor.

Extract more value out of your data

Use Cohesity to consolidate your secondary data and apps from SAP HANA or non-SAP systems, whether you are running on-premises or in the cloud, and then derive more value out of it.

Collapse silos

Eliminate point solutions for backup and recovery that are complex and expensive to manage

Expand data usage

Do more with your backup data. Accelerate application development or derive business insights from your backup data, including meeting business and compliance requirements.

Increase storage efficiency

Reduce your data and storage footprint with global variable-length dedupe and compression

Looking to protect the data and apps of your SAP HANA system that run your business?

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