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Speed matters

Leverage existing backup data to empower developers, test teams, and machine learning (ML) engineers. Use Cohesity DataPlatform as a pipeline for rapid, high-quality application development.

Accelerate access to high-integrity data

Reduce development cycles and time to market with self-serve instant zero-cost clones.

Speed up app development

Give developers self-service access to data via instant, zero-cost clones that can be refreshed on demand or automatically.

Increase app quality

Increase accuracy of test coverage and reduce defects by providing high-quality data copies – without impacting production.

Build accurate ML models

Build and train accurate machine learning models with high-quality malleable data. ML models can now be continuously tested and tuned.

One platform for everything

Tackle mass data fragmentation with a single web-scale platform for data protection, management, and dev/test, anywhere. Reduce complexity and cost by eliminating unnecessary infrastructure and data copies.

Stop data sprawl

Make backed up data productive by supporting multiple development and testing teams with role-based access to zero-cost clones. No need to copy, lift, and shift data.

Harness the power of SnapTree™

Get a virtual full image instantly of every snapshot without sacrificing performance and reducing storage consumption by 95%.

Reduce cost

Reduce infrastructure footprint and overall operational cost by leveraging a single web-scale platform to protect, manage and leverage your critical data.

Increased visibility and control

Gain control of your data, anywhere with a single platform. Reduce security and compliance exposure with a reduced data footprint, data masking, and vulnerability management.

Safeguard sensitive data

Desensitize data and scrub it for sensitive data, including PII before sharing clones with development and test teams.

Discover cyberthreats

Avoid propagating known or previously addressed vulnerabilities by assessing snaps for cyber threats. Stop threats in their tracks.

Keep control of data

Increase data visibility and control by managing data access with RBAC. Stop data sprawl and unauthorized access.

Enable effortless data and app mobility

Cloud-first, on-premise, or hybrid cloud, it doesn’t matter where you develop or deploy your apps. dev/test data and environments can easily be moved between on-prem and public clouds.

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People are realizing they need to use data in better ways. If they're paying to store it and back it up, they need to know what they've got and how they can make better use of it.

Steven Hill, Senior Storage Analyst, 451 Research

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The combination of CloudSpin with native API integration in the cloud will enable us to elegantly accomplish our dual objectives of implementing test/dev and data protection in the cloud within a single offering.

Marlon Wenceslao, Senior Systems Manager, Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania

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