Protecting Containerized Workloads

Simplify data and application state backup and instant recovery for modern containerized applications based on Kubernetes.

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Backup an entire app, not just its data

Modern backup

Protect the persistent state of applications—PVs and operational metadata included.

Global application awareness

Application-consistent snapshots for simplified protection and orchestration for stateful and stateless apps.

Fast, incremental forever

Enjoy policy-based, app-tier specific incremental forever backups with dramatically fast recovery.

Quickly restore to anywhere

Enjoy single-click recovery of the entire application. Cohesity recovers backups to an alternate location—on-premises, cloud, or edge.

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Cloud-native: backup data as portable as its container

Seamlessly migrate and confidently plan your disaster recovery strategy knowing Cohesity supports easy cloud integration with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, as well as Cohesity Powered Service Provider clouds.

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Compete in the digital world

Simplify DevOps. Cohesity supports agile organizations by making backup data productive for accelerating application development. Leverage zero-cost clones with impact to performance.

Backup and recover containerized applications.

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