Nutanix AHV Backup
And Recovery

Hyperconverged data protection

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Maximizing your Nutanix investment

Protect and extend your Nutanix AHV environment and investment. Deploy trusted hyperconverged architecture to eliminate complexity and operational inefficiencies stemming from point products.

Simple and fast

Our tight integration with Nutanix AOS, Prism and AHV means you can enjoy the efficient, reliable, and fast backup, recovery and data management.

Flexible recovery

Recover the entire virtual machine or vDisk to the original source or other locations.

Simplified automation

Keep IT in control of secondary data by using our single UI and policy-based automation.

Faster RPOs

Offer improved recovery point and recovery time objectives, reducing recovery days down to minutes.

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Gartner predicts that by 2020, 20 percent of business-critical applications currently deployed on three-tier IT infrastructure will transition to hyper-converged infrastructure.

Efficient resource utilization

Automated enterprise-ready solution that ensure high-availability while helping optimize global space efficiency and rapid fast recovery.

Prism managed objects

Auto register all AHV vDisk objects. Assign policies to one or all VMs to automate backup and recovery.

Cost effective

Reuse backup copies for dev/test, reducing data footprint and shifting from Capex to Opex.

Auto discovery and protect

Streamline operations by automatically discovering and protecting VMs.

Storage efficiency

Reduce data footprint with global deduplication across multiple workloads throughout the cluster.

Search and recover

Both in the cloud and on-premises, quickly search and recovery VMs with our wildcard search feature.

Data resiliency at scale

Achieve higher data resiliency with strict consistency, erasure coding and two node/disk fault tolerance.

Scalable across clouds

Build a multi-cloud data management to support disaster recovery, dev/test, and application migration across public clouds.

Public cloud integration

Extend to all leading public clouds for long-term archival, tiering, and replication.

Rapid development

Accelerate application development on-premises or in the public cloud with zero-cost clones.

Cloud like scalability

Cloud like scale-out architecture that eliminates over provisioning and forklift upgrades.

We took a decision to change to a fully hyperconverged infrastructure and are in the process of moving to Nutanix... There are far fewer points of management. Previously, we had SuperMicro JBOD and Quantum tape to deal with. There were lots of things that could go wrong and needed to be looked after. Upgrades were very disruptive. If we didn’t do Cohesity and stuck with what we had we would have spent £300,000 in replacing the SAN and on upgrades.

Paul Khosla, Technical Architect

Streamline Nutanix AHV Data Protection Now.

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