Protect and secure your data on Google Cloud

Cohesity’s cloud-first architecture and native integration with Google Cloud Platform help you consolidate multiple data services with hybrid cloud flexibility.

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Simplified IT operations

Get greater visibility and control of all your data with a single cloud-native platform and global user interface to manage all your data services.

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Enhanced cyber resilience

Protect your cloud and on-premises data and applications against sophisticated ransomware attacks with our multilayered data security architecture.

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Control IT costs

Reduce operational overhead, downtime, data loss, and data footprint with Cohesity’s enterprise-class data security and management capabilities.

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Harness the power of your data and simplify hybrid cloud data security and management

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Secure enterprise-class backup

Consolidate and protect multiple workloads across on-prem, edge, and cloud with Google Cloud and Cohesity’s unified data security and management platform.

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Long-term retention and archiving

Eliminate the hassles of tape and use policy-based, automated data archival to Google Cloud for long-term retention.

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Secure and efficient migration

Easily migrate on-prem data and workloads to Google Cloud with cloud-native integrations that eliminate costly and complex add-ons.

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Commonly asked questions about data security and management for Google Cloud

Common data management and data protection use cases for Google Cloud, particularly when using the Cohesity Data Cloud, include:

  • Backup and Recovery of Workloads:
    • Databases: Streamline backup and rapid recovery of various databases including SQL, Oracle, and SAP HANA, to help ensure business continuity and data integrity.
    • VMs in Compute Engine and Google Cloud VMware Engine: Protect virtual machines by facilitating regular backups with quick recovery in case of data loss or corruption.
  • Long-Term Retention and Archiving: Store data securely for extended periods in a cost-effective way to comply with regulatory requirements and facilitate historical data analysis, while still allowing for data retrieval when necessary.
  • File Services: Store, protect, and access files securely with rapid recovery in the event of an outage or data loss.

Choosing Cohesity for these use cases simplifies data management and enhances data protection capabilities in Google Cloud environments.

Using cloud storage classes, like Standard, Nearline, and Coldline, lets you archive your data for long-term retention with storage that best meets your retention and budget needs. Google storage classes offer many benefits for managing and protecting your enterprise data, including:

  • Unlimited capacity
  • Worldwide accessibility
  • Low latency
  • High durability
  • Multi-region redundancy

Combining Cohesity with Google Cloud Storage offers hybrid cloud flexibility without the need for complex cloud gateways, simplifies recovery with wildcard searches across global on-prem and cloud locations, and provides powerful protection and granular recoveries of individual VMs, files, databases, and application objects.

The Cohesity Data Cloud provides a single platform and UI that simplifies data security and management on Google Cloud while offering hybrid cloud flexibility. Cohesity DataProtect runs natively on Google Cloud to protect cloud-native apps, and can also be deployed on-prem with seamless connectivity to Google Cloud for backup and recovery, long-term retention, disaster recovery, tiering, and many more use cases.

Cohesity DataProtect is designed to offer unified and comprehensive protection for Google Compute Engine VMs, VMware Engine VMs, and various application workloads, including databases like SQL, Oracle, and SAP HANA. Using Cohesity DataProtect with Google Cloud offers the following advantages:

  • A single UI to manage all your data backup and recovery services globally
  • Policy-driven automation that aligns with your enterprise’s service level agreements (SLAs)
  • A multilayered security model that bolsters defenses against ransomware, including: immutable snapshots fortified with AES 256 encryption, ransomware and anomaly detection, instant recovery features, multifactor authentication, role-based access controls, quorum approvals, adherence to Federal Information Processing Standards, and more
  • Strict consistency, erasure coding, and resilient hardware fault tolerance to fulfill your SLAs while enhancing data durability
  • Up to 96x greater space efficiency with global dedupe and compression, dramatically lowering costs and maximizing capacity
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