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Cohesity and Lenovo

Cohesity with Lenovo deliver pre-tested, certified, and simplified data management solutions that strengthen cyber resilience.

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Joint Validation from Two Trusted Leaders

Certified solutions to speed up deployment with assurance of compatibility, and full lifecycle support.

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Pre-Tested and Certified

Simplify deployment and operation with seamless interoperability.

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Global Support

Supported by the world-class network of Lenovo and Cohesity professionals.

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Order Directly from Lenovo

Convenient single-stop purchasing available globally from Lenovo.

Data Management Use Cases

Consolidate data protection, data security and governance, file and object services, ransomware recovery, archival, disaster recovery, dev/test, and analytics on one hyperscale Cohesity platform running on Lenovo ThinkSystem servers.

Simplify Operations at Scale
Reduce IT burden by managing data through one interface across core, cloud, and edge environments.

Protect Your Valuable Data
Start your the data management journey with modern data protection to safeguard a broad set of traditional and modern data sets.

Leverage the Intelligent File and Object Services
Ease storage burdens and multiple apps ecosystem with Cohesity SmartFiles for content management, compliance, and digital archiving.

Integrated Data Security with Cohesity Threat Defense

Strengthen your cyber resilience with multilayer defense against cyberattacks and ransomware.

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Strong Security with Ransomware Protection

Don’t get ransomed—protect your backups with encryption, erasure coding, immutable snapshots and DataLock (WORM).

Built-in Zero Trust Security Principles

Stop unauthorized access to your data with multifactor authentication (MFA), granular RBAC, Quorum, and more.

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Detect Anomalies Early

Rely on the AI/ML-Driven anomaly detection engine to rapidly recover from ransomware attacks.

Discover Cohesity-Managed Data Services

Accelerate hybrid cloud transformation, minimize disruptions and risk. Order Cohesity data services directly from Lenovo.

Dataprotect Green Icon
DataProtect delivered as a Service
Dataprotect Green Icon
DataProtect delivered as a Service

Simplified backup as a service for cloud, edge, and on-prem workloads.

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FortKnox product icon
FortKnox product icon

Highly secure data isolation delivered as a service.

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Sitecontinuity Icon
Sitecontinuity Icon

On-demand disaster recovery for failover of on-prem workloads to cloud.

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Cohesity DataGovern
Cohesity DataGovern

Data governance service with ML-driven threat detection to protect against insider and cyberthreats.

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Forrester TEI Study

Forrester Research: The Total Economic Impact of Cohesity Backup and Recovery Solutions

Cohesity Delivers 150% ROI and 7 Months Payback.

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Cohesity Certified Lenovo ThinkSystem Nodes

Choose from a variety of certified Lenovo ThinkSystem configurations.

Cohesity Certified Node Raw Capacity (TB) / Node
Lenovo ThinkSystem SR645 (2 x AMD EPCY) Servers 24 | 36
Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650 (2 x Intel Xeon Gold) Servers 48 | 96

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Solution Brief

Strengthen Data Security, Simplify Data Management

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Cohesity and Lenovo Solution

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