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Faster and more resilient data protection and management with Cohesity Pegasus 6.3

We’re excited to discuss another software update. Rapid and continuous development allows us to deliver innovation that helps our customers solve mass data fragmentation. With Cohesity Pegasus 6.3 we deliver a faster, more resilient, and feature-rich solution with better visibility over your data. Let’s look at these features more closely…

Improved platform performance and resiliency

  1. Enhanced replication engine
    6.3 brings to you our all new replication engine. Replicating data to another offsite location or cloud is a common strategy to protect against site disasters and large scale failures in the data center. Our new replication engine incorporates further parallelism and change tracking to improve replication performance anywhere from 2-10x, with certain use cases seeing even more improvement. Replicating data faster results in better resilience and improved RTO and RPO.

Multi-tenancy enhancements for service providers

  1. Managed hybrid cloud extender
    The Cohesity Powered service provider ecosystem continues to grow and multi-tenancy is a critical feature. We are enhancing our multi-tenancy capabilities with our managed hybrid cloud extender. It is an individually secured broker for each end customer while enabling secure access for the service provider to ingest backups and manage the end customers’ environments. The hybrid cloud extender can also be used as a load balancer for individual customers that have large multi-cluster deployments.

Broader protection and more flexible backup policies

  1. Microsoft Active Directory Support
    Protect your complete Microsoft environment with added support for Active Directory domain servers with granular backup and recovery. This includes recovery of the entire server or individual databases, but also down to the granular user-level recovery.
  2. Flexible RPO Policies
    Scheduling backup jobs around maintenance and blackout windows adds complexity for administrators and introduces risks with missed jobs and larger than planned RPO when it happens. Flexible RPO policies provides an auto-scheduler that enables you to work around maintenance and blackout periods, so you never miss a backup again.

See and manage better to save time and improve protection

    1. Anti-Ransomware Security Dashboard
      Our new Helios ransomware security dashboard adds another layer of visibility against malicious threats and attacks. With the dashboard, you can “see globally and act locally” to identify any potential threat across your organization’s datasets while being able to pinpoint and act against those threats including single object restores and infected/clean file comparisons.

  1. Custom Reporting Database
    Get data protection reporting your way using your choice of tools such as Tableau, Microsoft SSRS, or Jaspersoft. Create your own custom reports and dashboards using your own SQL queries that can access the entire Cohesity metadata database.
  2. Simplified Storage Dashboard and Reporting
    Dedupe ratios, logical data, physical capacity, logical capacity, raw storage, cluster capacity, vm sizes, etc.—all these can be too much and too confusing. We vastly simplified our multi-cluster management capability through Helios storage and capacity dashboard and reports. Now you can easily access the information you need at a glance and not worry about running out of capacity.
  3. Deploy Cloud Edition on AWS with Helios
    Our vision for Helios is to provide complete control and visibility across your hybrid and multi-cloud data estate. We are now making this easier with the ability to deploy Cohesity DataPlatform Cloud Edition on AWS directly from Helios to simplify hybrid cloud data management. Stay tuned as we plan to enable this for other cloud partners.

Reduce NAS and cloud storage costs

  1. External NAS stubbing
    Implement file archiving to free up space on your primary NAS and save costs. External NAS stubbing allows the original file pointers to “stay in place” on your primary NAS while archiving the data to Cohesity. Currently this feature is supported on SMB shares on Windows Servers and Isilon when setup as generic NAS sources.
  2. AWS S3 Storage Classes
    Added support for S3 OneZone-IA and S3 Intelligent-Tiering gives you the flexibility to choose the right S3 service level. With S3 OneZone-IA you get a lower cost option without sacrificing retrieval times. With S3 Intelligent-Tiering you let AWS automatically manage your cloud storage tiering workflow to optimize both costs and retrieval times.

MarketPlace updates—secure data and unlock insights

We launched Cohesity MarketPlace a couple of months ago. MarketPlaces are great, but what’s cool is the ability to run applications directly on Cohesity DataPlatform. What’s even more exciting and truly unique to Cohesity is these apps now have direct access to all the backup and unstructured data stored on Cohesity to unlock new insights without needing to deploy separate analytics infrastructure or transferring data around from different sources and silos. With 6.3, two of our security launch partners, SentinelOne and Clam Anti-Virus will have their apps on Marketplace ready to run on Cohesity without needing separate infrastructure.

For more information

That’s a lot of new capabilities and benefits we are delivering for our customers with 6.3. A faster and more resilient platform, with improved manageability and visibility, and new ways to save costs. Registered customers and partners can login and find more details by reviewing our latest documentation and release notes on

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