Databases have withstood the test of time in our ever evolving technology landscape.  With cloud adoption soaring many of you have already migrated or are considering migrating some of your databases to the cloud. With long-standing favorites like Oracle or SQL Server you have multiple options in the cloud – for example you can choose a managed database service like Amazon RDS or you can choose to manage cloud servers and storage yourself and deploy your databases on Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS.  In either case, database backups in the cloud are YOUR responsibility and are not handled by the cloud provider. That’s because cloud providers like Amazon Web Services employ a shared responsibility model.  And even though AWS has some basic snapshot and backup features – it’s up to you to enable and manage them. Let’s take a look!

Hybrid cloud backup for databases

Here at Cohesity, we believe you shouldn’t need to compromise data protection whether you run databases on-premises or in the cloud.  In fact many customers are adopting a hybrid model to have their applications and data in the right places for the right uses. With that in mind we added support to Cohesity DataProtect delivered as a service – our backup as a service offering for a variety of databases including Oracle and SQL Server whether they are deployed on-premises or in cloud running on Amazon RDS or Amazon EC2. Having this level of support really allows our customers to achieve:

1. Enterprise grade protection for cloud databases

So before you turn on the default snapshot or backup options offered by your cloud provider, make sure you ask yourself what your enterprise needs: 

  • How many backup copies do you need to keep?
  • How long will the data be kept?
  • What is your recovery SLA for how quickly you need to restore your databases? 

Once these questions are answered it’s likely some of the limitations cloud snapshots will leave you wanting more and you will need something like Cohesity DataProtect that allows you to create custom policies to meet your enterprise SLAs including extended retention times, flexible recovery, and faster restores.

2. Offsite and tiered backup to cloud for on-premises databases

Many of our customers have already been using self-managed DataProtect software on-premises to backup their Oracle and SQL Server databases.  Now with DataProtect delivered as a Service supporting Oracle and SQL Server as well, they have a simple no extra footprint option to move database backups offsite to the cloud or implement a tiered approach keeping mission critical database backups on-premises while tiering off some less critical databases to cloud. In both cases this allows them to create geographic separation in the event of a disaster or ransomware attack, but also allows them to optimize costs to best match the criticality of their individual database applications.

3. Consistent experience over hybrid cloud

Many people think having some apps in the cloud and some on-premises makes it a hybrid cloud.  The problem with this approach is the lack of integration, data mobility, and consistency. Most deploy different apps and tools in the cloud vs. on-premise and the same can be said for backup. With Cohesity you get a consistent experience across the board on the same platform and user interface.  DataProtect delivered as a service supports both on-premises and cloud databases with a single backup service. And if you already have self-managed Cohesity software on-premises it is managed together with DataProtect delivered as a service or any other of our SaaS offerings though the same user interface – without the need to sign-out or worse, use other tools or learn new workflows. 

Scalable, Secure, and Simple – Pick 3

There are many reasons why so many organizations are adopting cloud, and as a result Cohesity is offering DataProtect delivered as a service. For one, we get to match our web-scale architecture to the on-demand scale of the cloud.  Thus making scaling your databases and their subsequent backups and recoveries a breeze.  Second, we have taken our proven security features and expanded it to the cloud to include data encryption in transit and at rest, self-managed or Amazon KMS managed encryption keys, and our service has achieved SOC2 Type II certification, so you can sleep better knowing steps have been taken to secure data on our cloud. Last, but not least, we have taken the simplicity of cloud to heart and developed a scalable, secure, and simple backup service that is as easy as Sign-up, Connect, and Protect.

Get started with a 30 day free trial of Cohesity DataProtect delivered as a service, you will be able to connect your on-premises and cloud databases to our backup service, and start protecting them within minutes – it’s that easy.


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