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Refuse the Ransom with Cohesity FortKnox

Lock in cyber resilience. Get backup for free.

Enhance Cyber Resiliency & Meet Recovery SLAs

Deploy a modern defense-in-depth strategy to protect and confidently recover from cybersecurity and other threats.

Enhance Your Defense-in-Depth

Get an additional layer of “virtual air-gap” protection with an immutable copy of data in a Cohesity-managed cloud vault.

Meet Recovery SLAs

Reduce business downtime in the event of an attack while enhancing overall data security.

Evolve Your Data Management

Reduce point solutions with a modern approach to backup and recovery, while lowering your transition costs.

Reduce Ransomware Risk with Modern Data Isolation

Businesses face increasing cyber threats. Paying the ransom doesn’t guarantee that your data is recovered.1

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87 %

Think backup is a target

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14 %

Recover all their data

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33 %

Or less deploy an air-gap

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Defense-in-Depth with Data Isolation

This video discusses various methodologies supported by Cohesity to help you achieve data isolation against cyber threats and meet desired SLAs.

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Solution Brief

Defend Against Ransomware and Insider Threats With Data Isolation

See how vaulting your data strengthens overall data security with an extra layer of protection.

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