Cohesity SpanFS

Unlimited scale. Unmatched efficiency. Silo-busting file system.

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Consolidate data from the edge to the cloud.

With data fragmented across silos, enterprises need a simpler, more efficient way to manage data. Cohesity SpanFS solves this mass data fragmentation by consolidating storage silos wherever they live.


How it works

Designed to combine the best of enterprise and cloud stacks, SpanFS exposes industry-standard, globally distributed NFS, SMB and S3 interfaces.

The IO Engine detects random vs. sequential IO profiles, splits the data into chunks, performs deduplication and directs to the most appropriate storage tier.

SpanFS also includes a new Metadata Store based on a consistent, distributed, NoSQL store for fast operations at scale.

SnapTree® provides a distributed meta data structure based on B+ tree concepts. It supports unlimited, frequent snapshots with no performance degradation.

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How do you recover information, quickly?

Ben Gent, a Global Cloud Architect at Tribune Media, describes the challenges with backing up data and what it’s like to work with Cohesity.

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SpanFS Benefits

Unlimited scalability

Start with as little as three nodes and grow limitlessly on-premises or in the cloud and pay-as-you-grow.

Automated global indexing

Automated global indexing for powerful wildcard searches for any VM, file, or object.

Guaranteed data resiliency

Strict Consistency across nodes within a cluster ensures data resiliency.

Dedupe across and within nodes

Help reduce data footprint with global variable length dedupe across workloads and protocols.


Designed with the cloud in mind, Cohesity DataPlatform eliminates dependency on bolt-on cloud gateways.

Multi-protocol access

Seamlessly read and/or write to the same data volume with simultaneous multiprotocol access for NFS, SMB and S3.

Unlimited Scale

With data volumes increasing about 40 percent a year, you need a solution that scales. SpanFS dynamically rebalances your data as you add nodes to the cluster.
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