Cohesity SpanFS

Unlimited scale. Unmatched efficiency. Silo-busting file system.

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Consolidate Data from the Core, to the Edge, and the Public Cloud

Cohesity SpanFS consolidates data silos across locations by uniquely exposing industry-standard globally distributed NFS, SMB, and S3 protocols on a single platform.


The IO Engine supports random and sequential IO profiles across various storage tiers to meet business SLAs.

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Unmatched scale and performance with a unique metadata store based on a consistent and distributed NoSQL store.


Unique B+ tree architecture provides distributed metadata structure for unlimited snapshots with no performance impact.

Secure Your Unstructured Data Without Breaking a Sweat


60 %

Savings per terabyte

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50 %

Lower TCO

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30 %

Reduced operational time

Span Everything

Consolidate and manage backups, files, objects, dev/test, and analytics data on a hyperscale platform that spans from the core, to the edge, to the cloud.

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Unlimited Scalability

Start with as little as three nodes and grow limitlessly on-premises or in the cloud and pay-as-you-grow.

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Automated Global Indexing

Automated global indexing for powerful global actionable wildcard searches for any VM, file, or object.

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Guaranteed Data Resiliency

Strict consistency across nodes within a cluster ensures data resiliency at scale.

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Dedupe Across Workloads and Clusters

Help reduce data footprint with global variable-length dedupe across workloads and protocols.

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The Cohesity Helios multicloud data platform eliminates dependency on bolt-on cloud gateways.

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Multiprotocol Access

Seamlessly read and write to the same data volume with simultaneous multiprotocol access for NFS, SMB, and S3.

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