Speedy recoveries: Good for patients. Good for IT teams.

Cohesity helps healthcare teams eliminate mass data fragmentation with data management and protection.

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Protect critical patient and healthcare information.

With healthcare data fragmented on-premises, in the cloud, and in remote locations, IT teams are challenged to eliminate silos and simplify data management.

Cohesity solves mass data fragmentation by ensuring that all data and apps are productive and protected with a web-scale platform for backup and recovery, files, objects, test/dev, and analytics.


Modernize healthcare IT and streamline M&As. Cohesity’s hyperconverged platform speeds disaster recovery, boosts scale-out storage, and eases security and compliance burdens from HIPAA to GDPR.


Cohesity protects all your workloads, unifies data retention and archival practices, reduces cyberattack surfaces, and helps you instantly recover from a ransomware attack.


Easily integrate with the cloud when you’re ready. You’ll have the flexibility to meet application development needs and control workload storage and protection from core to cloud to edge.

Healthcare can’t afford IT downtime

Learn how Piedmont HeathCare resolved its backup and recovery issues that caused it to seek a new data protection solution. The healthcare provider now can:

  • Back up in less than an hour.
  • Recover virtual machine in minutes.
  • Recover individual files in seconds.
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Epic and Cohesity: Fast. Simple. Secure

Cohesity delivers a HIPPA-compliant platform for Epic EHR environments on InterSystems Cache databases. All major storage vendors running Epic in production are supported.

  • Minimize data loss.
  • Achieve faster recovery times.
  • Meet data security and compliance requirements.

Protecting vital data for leading healthcare groups.

Hospitals, medical centers, and health systems rely on Cohesity solve mass data fragmentation.


The usual indication of a successful introduction of a new solution is if the implementation is considered a non-event. The introduction of Cohesity at PHC was disruptive, in a very positive way! The team is still jockeying for day-to-day ownership of backups, something I’ve never seen before!

Mike House, Chief Information Officer

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Healthcare Chief Information Officer

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Gain agility, speed, and self-service with automation and APIs for secondary data and apps.

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Backup and Recovery

Eliminate silos, gain simplicity and flexibility with instant data and application recovery at scale.

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Achieve peace of mind with fast and cost-effective data protection for your RDBMS.

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Disaster Recovery and Replication

Recover quickly anywhere. Choose cloud-based or offsite replication.

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Easily Integrate Cloud

Enjoy simple cloud connectivity for backup, archive, disaster recovery, and test/dev.

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Long-Term Retention and Archival

Streamline workflows and automate policies to meet business objectives.

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Eliminate multiple tools, gaining simplified backup with instant recovery for all workloads.

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Virtual Workloads

Get more from your virtualization investment with simple, flexible, and fast data protection.

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Scale-Out Storage

Better manage unstructured data growth and enjoy pay-as-you-go efficiency.

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Security and Compliance

Streamline compliance and reduce IT burdens around regulations.

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Test and Development

Use existing data for test/dev for faster time to market and lower TCO.

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Learn how Cohesity can help.

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