Secondary Data and Application Protection for Healthcare

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Protect Critical Patient and Healthcare Information

Healthcare is changing fast. Community hospitals are merging into health networks. Regional providers, clinics, and pharmacies are extending services. With care everywhere, healthcare IT teams are challenged to eliminate data silos and simplify the management of data without compromise. Cohesity ensures all secondary data and apps are productive and protected with a web-scale platform for backup and recovery, files, objects, test/dev, and analytics.


Modernize healthcare IT. Streamline M&As. Cohesity’s hyperconverged platform improves IT operations, speeds disaster recovery, boosts scale-out storage, and eases security and compliance burdens from HIPAA to GDPR.


Keep control of your data. Cohesity protects all your workloads, unifies data retention and archival practices, reduces cyber attack surfaces, and helps you instantly recover from a ransomware attack.


Easily integrate cloud when you’re ready. Cohesity native cloud integration, gives you the flexibility to meet application development needs and control workload storage and protection from core to cloud to edge.

Healthcare Teams Trust Cohesity Solutions

Hospitals, medical centers, and health systems rely on Cohesity for secondary data and application management.


Simplify Data Management Across the Care Continuum

Cohesity makes it easy to consolidate patient, caregiver, and healthcare business secondary data and app workloads from one or many locations. Efficiently manage from core to cloud to edge.

Scale as Needed

Say goodbye to legacy hardware silos. Cohesity is powered by a web-scale distributed file system—Cohesity SpanFS—that spans enterprise and cloud storage, delivering unlimited scalability, guaranteed data resiliency, and advanced global deduplication.

Lower TCO

Reduce your data footprint with true global deduplication. Eliminate unnecessary copies while maintaining control. Optimize TCO and ROI by choosing a certified appliance or software-only version for cloud and remote/edge locations.

Automate Operations and Boost RPOs

Leverage Cohesity’s API-first architecture and full-featured REST APIs to support the most demanding service-level agreements. Reduce RPOs with unlimited backups and fully hydrated snaps that leverage parallelized data ingest.

Speed Application Delivery

Instantly provision zero-cost clones with Cohesity patented SnapTree technology. Spin up test/dev environments for application development without copying data with unlimited snaps on Cohesity.

Unify with Global Management

Gain unprecedented global access, visibility, and control of secondary data and apps across all Cohesity sites—whether on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge with SaaS-based management from a single dashboard.

Seamlessly Extend to Cloud

When you're ready, easily move your data and even access it within leading clouds—Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud—without installing or managing cloud gateways.


The usual indication of a successful introduction of a new solution is if the implementation is considered a non-event. The introduction of Cohesity at PHC was disruptive, in a very positive way! The team is still jockeying for day-to-day ownership of backups, something I’ve never seen before!

Mike House, Chief Information Officer

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Peace of Mind for Patients and IT

Cohesity helps your IT team protect, access, and recover all your highly valuable protected health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII).

Encrypt Sensitive Information

Keep sensitive information secure with data at rest and in motion encryption. Cohesity encryption is FIPS 140-2 Level 2 Validated.

Control Access

Leverage fine-grain, role-based access control, audit logs, and built-in reporting to protect and secure operations.

Set Automated Policies for Retention

Protect PHI and PII. Set policies to meet long-term retention requirements. Address industry and data privacy regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR, and streamline compliance audits with automation and API integration.

Quickly Search for Data

Instantly find your virtual machine (VM) and file data with Google-like wild-card search. Powerful indexing makes it easy to globally search and recover across nodes with Helios.

Rapidly Recover Information

Recover individual VMs, restore files to source VMs, and recover individual application objects for O365, Exchange, SQL, and SharePoint.

Mitigate Risk with Broad App and Infrastructure Support

Gain consistent and comprehensive data protection for your virtual, physical and cloud environments, as well as business-critical applications with a single web-scale solution.

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Great product, very robust, and well-supported.

Healthcare Chief Information Officer

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Fast Ransomware Recovery

Cohesity matches malware by continuously backing up and verifying the protection of your secondary data and apps, getting your care back on track quickly.

Instantly Restore Large Amounts of Data

Perform a mass restore instantly—with zero data loss and no need to pay ransomware fees. Cohesity recovers and powers on hundreds of servers in minutes, restoring systems to previous states with files unaffected by ransomware.

Recover to Any Point in Time

Simply and rapidly roll back to any point in time to discover when malicious code appeared. At no cost, quickly capture a snapshot of the encrypted Cohesity View to prove the crime occurred.

Discover Threats with Fast Global Search

Globally search and find the infection across data center systems for fast, targeted cleansing.

Streamlined Compliance

Cohesity unburdens your healthcare IT organization, simplifying the operations around government and industry mandates.

Address Data Protection Requirements

Be prepared. Cohesity’s flexible, extensible platform helps you innovate while adhering to requirements such as HIPAA and GDPR’s sections to protect, minimize, locate, search, and monitor PII.

Simplify Audits with Policy-Based Automation

Couple policy-based automation with API integration to achieve long-term retention requirements and speed audits.

Ease Mergers & Acquisitions

Consolidate secondary data and apps from many healthcare organizations and silos post-merger or acquisition into one platform with unified global management of records.

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Key Healthcare Use Cases

Gain speed and flexibility with fast backup, easy search, and instant data and application and recovery. Streamline workflows and automate policies to meet ever-changing regulations. Lower TCO to help reduce healthcare costs.


Gain agility, speed, and self-service with automation and APIs for secondary data and apps.

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Backup and Recovery

Eliminate silos and gain simplicity, speed, and flexibility with instant data and application recovery at scale.

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Achieve peace of mind with fast and cost-effective data protection for your RDBMS.

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Disaster Recovery and Replication

When it counts, recover quickly anywhere. Choose cloud-based or off-site replication.

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Easily Integrate Cloud

Enjoy simple cloud connectivity for backup, archive, disaster recovery, and test/dev.

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Long-Term Retention and Archival

Streamline workflows and automate policies to meet business objectives such as compliance and regulatory requirements.

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Eliminate multiple tools, gaining simplified backup with instant recovery for all physical workloads.

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Protect All Your Virtual Workloads

Get more from your virtualization investment with simple, flexible, and fast data protection.

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Scale-Out Storage

Better manage unstructured data growth and enjoy pay-as-you-go efficiency.

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Security and Compliance

Streamline compliance and reduce IT burdens around regulations with fast search, location, and monitoring.

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Test and Development

Accelerate time to market and lower TCO by using your existing data for test/dev in the cloud or on-premises.

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Improve Secondary Data Protection for Your Healthcare Organization

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